Scratching: normal or internal parasite? Important

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by celizabethh3, Jul 20, 2014.

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    At the beginning of July I had a zebra danio who was extremely bloated. After fasting her and trying the pea method, her belly started to go back to normal until she suddenly passed away. I never noticed anything else wrong with her; she was active, had a healthy appetite and from the size of her belly, you'd have thought she was a livebearer. Here's the original thread with pictures included -

    I just finished watching my tank like I usually do, when I noticed one of my platys and longfin danios rubbing against the decorations. I do not believe it's ich as I have seen no white spots. They too have healthy appetites and swim normally but the scratching worries me. I added my corys last night (in quarantine for a month) and before them it had been weeks since any new fish were added. It is 36 gallons and I run a AquaClear 30 and 50 and the temperature is kept between 75 - 77F. The tank is established with 0, 0 and 5-10, pH 8.2 but all fish have been acclimated properly. I do weekly water changes of 30% and try to vacuum the gravel every couple of weeks.

    My question is should I treat the tank for parasites? It houses skirt tetras, platys, corys and danios. I have ParaGuard on hand but wasn't sure if it's safe to use with corys in the tank. Is there any other precautions I should take? Anything else I could treat with? I currently do not have an available QT but I am looking to get another tank in the (very) near future. Thanks in advance!
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    Update: the female platy I mentioned has clamped fins now and is hovering near the surface. She is not gasping for air.

    If not ParaGuard (as I read it becomes more toxic with a high pH), is there another product I could use that is not harmful to my fish, especially the corys? I can order Melafix or Pimafix and have it by Tuesday or any other product that Big Al's Online carries. I also have a dwarf gourami. I somehow forgot to mention him in my initial post.

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    Bump. Anyone?

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    Sorry for all the back to back posts. Mods feel free to merge them if necessary, I'm just looking for some advice on how to medicate the tank without harming anyone. I haven't noticed any scratching since but the platy hovers near the top and has clamped fins. The danio is "twitchy" while it swims and I've noticed another one of the platys has stringy poo. Please help. :(

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