Scratches On 50 Gal

  1. Cheesearmada

    Cheesearmada Member Member

    Hi all,

    So I noticed I was getting some scratches on my 50 gallon's glass. I was wondering how I could go about fixing these scratches.


  2. Seasoldier

    Seasoldier Well Known Member Member

    Are the scratches on the outside or inside?
  3. OP

    Cheesearmada Member Member

    On the inside
  4. Seasoldier

    Seasoldier Well Known Member Member

    OK, the best thing to use is to polish the scratches out with a product called Cerium Oxide, it's what jewelers use to polish diamonds & you can buy it online, it's supposed to be inert & low to moderately toxic to fish & inverts but I wouldn't trust using it with fish in the tank so you'd need to empty the tank to do it & I believe the success would depend on the depth of the scratch. Toothpaste is also used to remove scratches that aren't too deep.
  5. Fashooga

    Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    I have a scratch at the bottom of my 90g tank. It sucks but I really ignore it and eventually you forget about it.

    There’s always risk to using a compound to fill it. It could be inert but you won’t know until you actually try it.