scissor tails

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hI everybody
the day (friday) I get my first fish will soon be upon us and to be honest I can't wait lookin at an empty tank for 3weeks is not funny
anyway my lfs suggested I start my journey with a few (6) scissor tails cause theyre fairly easy to look after but my question is the ratio of males to females, are the males aggressive or territorial towards other males basically I'm afraid my lfs won't be able to distinguish different sexes so I could potentially be putting boxers into a ring so to speak and then have to sit and watch them beat each other and be powerless to throw in the towel
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As far as I"m aware it doesn't matter. I have harlequins and I have no problems. Scissor tails are nice fish though they do get 2.5-3" large.
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The page here for Scissor Tails says they can get to 5 inches, is that just a typo? PetSmart's sign by the Scissor Tails said that they would hit 2.5 inches. I'm looking at what to put into my new 21 gallon tank and have been considering the Scissor Tails. A difference of 2.5 inches is a lot when considering what to put into a tank :-\
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I'm not sure you would have to ask Mike that ???
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Other books/sites I have found all say they grow to be about 4-5".
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Alrighty, thanks

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