Schooling Fish Help

  1. ValerieAdams

    ValerieAdams Well Known Member Member

    I have a 29 gallon tank with some plants. My plan is to add 4 Red Cobra Guppies, 8 Sterbai Cories, 1 Dwarf Gourami, one or a few Malaysian Trumpet snails, and around 12 Tetras. My question is what are some Tetras that you think would make a nice addition to this tank? I thought about Lemon or Black Phantom but I'm so undecided! I want something that is shaped more like those two. I'm open to other schooling fish as well, not just Tetras. My tank is going to be around 78-80 degrees.
  2. emmysjj

    emmysjj Well Known Member Member

    I love:
    Harlequin Rasboras
    WCMM (dont know about temps)
    Cherry barbs (they get around 2 inches, though, at least)
  3. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    I adore my Ember Tetras! They don't always look their best in-store, but a month at home has them vibrant.
  4. OP

    ValerieAdams Well Known Member Member

    Do you have any pictures? I have no idea what they look like
  5. Redshark1

    Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    I think the Lemon Tetras are peaceful and hardy and the colours may compliment your other fish well.

    Neons may come with disease, 50/50 chance where I live.

    Black Phantoms may be short lived (I hear).

    White Clouds need cool temperatures, at or below 72F.

    I would look at Glass Catfish.

    Tetras that I have kept that are similar are Serpae (too nippy), Head and Tail Light (very good but not so mobile) and Glowlight (also very good but not very mobile).

    Bleeding Heart Tetra is lovely too but I didn't have more than a pair.
  6. OP

    ValerieAdams Well Known Member Member

    I already decided against neons, I thought about doing Cardinals but I want something with a different shape from the guppies since both are kind of longer looking.

    What do you mean by short lived?

    I can't do the whole 'I can see everything in your body' thing with fish like the Glass Catfish, just freaks me out lol.

    I will look into the other Tetras you mentioned, besides Serpae because nippy wouldn't be good
  7. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    I have bad pictures of mine. They dart a lot. ff1da42bf45eb47b8a6262cfd16d05d1.jpg 1a580fa58ad4172e30f7372a04ae9e53.jpg
  8. Redshark1

    Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    By short lived I mean they may live for fewer years than other species. But I have no experience of them, just reports I remember reading. I'd recommend researching lifespan further before purchase that's all.

    The best Tetra I have ever kept is a relatively large one called Arnold's Red-eyed Tetra Arnoldichthys spilopterus. This was very reliable and long lived, a male living for sixteen and a half years in my 110g aquarium. I love fish with bright eyes and this has glowing red eyes. I also love the large shiny scales.