Schooling Fish Under 2" For Subtropical Planted Tank

  1. BlueSubmarine

    BlueSubmarine Valued Member Member

    I'm currently working on an established tank turned planted, and I wanted to get some ideas for a small sized fish that will school.

    Here's what's in the tank right now:
    *2 Bolivian Rams
    *3 nerite snails
    *BN pleco
    *Dwarf gourami

    (The Cory and the Barb are moving tanks)

    Tank is a 20gallon high with temp at 75 (unheated but constant)


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  2. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    White cloud mountain minnows or celestial pearl danios are options.
  3. t

    tjander Well Known Member Member

    Hatchfish are cool....get at least 6 and make sure you cover all holes in you lid as they will jump out of the smallest hole possible.