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My story isnt scary, but a little sad. Tho its the whole reason i fell in love with keeping fish. We lived next door to walmart and one day saw green spotted puffers which of course i wanted to get. I hadnt had a tank since i was little so really didnt know anythin. We bought a 5 gal tank thinking it be fine for 2 of them and of course didnt cycle it. They were still babies and very small. Anyway, go figure that night one of the puffers started going downhill and laying on the gravel. Our other puffer (shrimpy) was SO concerned and obviously sad by his friend not doing well. He just kept swimming in circles around his friend, and from time to time would lay right next to and actually cuddle as if he were trying to bring him comfort. I was blown away. Id never seen such personality from a fish. The one puffer didnt make it so I started researching and learned about gsps and the nitrogen cycle. So we bought a 40gal, some sand and marine salt to slowly turn the tank brackish. Shrimpy went on to live a few more years and i got struck with mts as well. We moved and my friend left them in the garage until we could set them up inside and go figure, everyone died that night due to the heaters gettin unplugged and it being cold. We were heartbroken. My gsp was the sweetest most funniest fish i ever had in my life. RIP buddy


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Very sad and surely haunting memories.
Years ago, before fish keeping became a science, 3 day old untreated tap water, a filter and a heater was all you needed.
I bred bettas & Angel's in it for years without a single problem.
Now you've got to watch everything constantly & do everything just right.
You made a common mistake but you know better now. Thanks for sharing -
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