Scarlet Endler Hybrids

  1. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    So I started a small tank of Scarlet Endler hybrids that I got recently. They look huge to me as the boys are nearly twice the size of my comma bars, but they're really cute and do the same silly dance. The guy I got them from also had the so-called "Japanese blue Endlers" that are actually feral fantails, but I didn't take them as there are only so many tanks I can handle these days.
  2. emeraldking Member Member

    At the championships and shows I've judged, those so-called japanese blue endlers are categorized as guppies and no endlers anymore.
    And yes, I know exactly your problem... ;). Also here top number of tanks to maintain. Another voice (so, not mine) at my place is saying: Enough is enough!
  3. bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    My local LFS is carrying the so-called Japan Blue endlers.
    One of the guys said they would look great in my black background tank, but I didn't find their colours to be that vibrant, so I passed on them.
  4. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    Yes, they are kind of wimpy looking. If I were to go with a pale palette, I'd actually go with wild caught Trinidadian guppies (sadly, commonly found in feeder tanks in the U.S.).
  5. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    I was very good and downsized all the way down to 1 tank, so that we could move into a condo (the 1/2 acre we were living on was taking up way too much of my time). But now I'm back up to 4 tanks, and my husband is growing suspicious ;)
  6. GuppyLife Initiate Member

    I beg to differ, wild guppies are not pale, these are the guys I breed, wild caught from Puerto Rico and they are NOT the same as feeders, those are not wild at all :)
    21208580_1400058756709101_1938208398_n.jpg 21209019_1400058773375766_667107125_n.jpg 21209082_1400058776709099_1906953457_n.jpg 21244660_1400058753375768_1272382545_n.jpg 21244896_1400058770042433_1742807451_n.jpg 21245444_1400058760042434_1536267278_n.jpg
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  8. GuppyLife Initiate Member

    I do sell, however I'm still unfamiliar with this forum's rules regarding new members selling fish. But I think it's fair game to say you can find my fish for sale in a certain auction site under the same username :)
  9. James17 Well Known Member Member

    Once you get 50 posts.
    They are really pretty fish.
  10. endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks! It's 111 degrees right now, but I'll be sure to order in November when temperatures improve ;)
  11. GuppyLife Initiate Member

    Thanks for letting me know, better get working on that then haha!

    :eek: That's way more than I thought it would be! Don't worry I'll still have some by November :D
  12. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Guppies from Puerto Rico would not be "wild" they would be "feral", as they would have to have been released there. Guppies are not native to Puerto Rico.
  13. GuppyLife Initiate Member

    True, guppies are not indigenous to PR, however they were introduced to PR a long time ago to control mosquitoes, the ones that were introduced we're probably wild fish or the result of early mass production of the fish from non-fancy, they then adapted to the local ecosystems.
    The fact that they're not native may make them "feral" but they are completely adapted to the wilderness in Puerto Rico and come from a wild population in PR.