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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Forums' started by curiousfish, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. curiousfishNew MemberMember

    Just recently started restocking my 75 gal tank. I have 1 small pleco, 4 cory cats, and 6 rasbora (het.). What makes me sad is that all the fish are super shy and skittish. I have three fake logs/stumps, rocks of varying sizes, and multiple fake plants of varying sizes so I think I have enough cover for them. (I will try to upload a picture soon)
    To see any of the fish you have to hunt for them like you were playing an I-spy game. The pleco has officially been named Houdini since the first 3 weeks he was in the tank he hid so well that I could not ever find him and thought he was dead. I now know he hides inside the fake stump and all cory cats hide either underneath the stump or between a couple rocks. The Rasbora hide behind the stump most of the time unless I walk over to the tank and then they scatter. The Rasbora have only been in the tank half a week so it may just be since they are new but the pleco and cory cats have been there longer and they still hide.
    What I would really like to know is if there is anything I can do to help my fish to not be so shy. Do they need more/fewer hiding spaces or a larger school to hang with or braver fish to get them out of their shell? I know I don't have many fish in the tank yet, but to look at the tank you wouldn't think I had any fish. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    They probably feel insecure as it's a large tank & you have them in small numbers, up the number of rasboras & corys as both are schooling fish & feel more secure the more you have. I'd double the rasboras & get at least another 3 corys
    More hiding places such as plants also help them to feel more brave as they know they have somewhere to hide if they need to
  3. KarlieValued MemberMember

    The trick I have always used to get Rasbora's (I have Harlequins who are shy too in some cases) to not be shy is tall ornaments they can hide in (they are middle swimmers) feed at the same time every day (the moment I turn on the lights in the morning every single fish swims to the top knowing its time to eat!), sit quietly and still in front of the tank more often (the more they see you the more comfortable they will eventually get with you). Mine are very very social. When you approach my tank they are the first to greet you.
    Sometimes the whole "put a big fish in" to get them to come out works really well and sometimes it doesn't. Depends on your fish :) I have mine in with 3 Flame Gourami.
  4. KarlieValued MemberMember

    Also, I have 15 Rasbora's*. Like Coradee said they need to be in a large school
  5. OP

    curiousfishNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the replies. From talking to the people at the LFS I was under the impression that 6 was a "large" school, but I guess they need some more friends. I just got the Rasbora on Sunday. Would you recommend still waiting a while for them to get adjusted to my tank before adding more or adding more right away?
  6. KarlieValued MemberMember

    IME I always waited 2 or more weeks before adding more to my main tank(s) just to be safe HOWEVER my fish sit in quarantine for a week or more depending on how they are doing/eating/behaving so really I add more fish roughly once a month.

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