Scaping ideas for 5.3 gallon


Need some help scaping a 5.3g (20L) tank for shrimps. Tank came with a basic internal filter, is this alright for shrimp and shrimplets or should I switch to a small sponge filter?

Have got:
- 3L ADA amazonia ver.2
- Tissue cultures of Micranthemum umbrosum 'monte carlo', Staurogyne repens, Alternanthera Reineckii 'mini'
- Frogbit, marino moss balls
- Bonsai center piece

Dimensions: 6.8cm (L) x 26.3cm (H) x 23.5cm (W)


Hello! If it were me and I had a brand new set up like that and it was going to be for shrimp, I would.....

Use the Moss balls torn apart and glued to the branches to make it look like a banzai tree.
For shrimps I would get a small sponge filter.
The other plants and substrate I don't have any experience with. Sorry... maybe Kribensis27 knows more.


Nice setup! Was it a Christmas present?
I think this can be an awesome shrimp tank.
You can use the internal filter just put some pantyhose over the intake, i did that for a while with my shrimp. U want to use the alternanthera as a background plant. Its a stem plant so you can eventually fill the whole back area with it behind the bonsai tree. Bonsai tree in the middle and use monte carlo in the branches to look like leaves. I see this done a lot with monte carlo and that type of tree amd it looks great. Then tear the marimo moss ball into flat bits and put them at the base of the tree so it is like grass under the tree growing up to the trunk, glue them to little stones and Bury the stones in the substrate to hold it down. And finally s.repens as a carpet through the rest of the tank. S.repens is also a stem plant and grows at a decent speed so you will have a full carpet in a short time.
I think if you do this it will look great, send pictures!


I think you’re on the right track for a beautiful tank! Using the moss balls to create a bonsai ‘tree’ is a clever idea, I’d do that too! Good luck.


I agree with SnookusFish about the Monte Carlo tree. It needs a lot of light to thrive, so elevating it on branches would be a good way to provide it with that. It does usually need something to root into, though, so I like to use little bits of plant substrate wrapped up with mesh or fabric and zip tied to the branches. Alternanthera in back and staurogyne in front, and Monte Carlo in front of the staurogyne if you decide to put it in the substrate. You could also use the marimo on the branches and that wouldn’t require any extra care. Try to keep the frogbit floating near the back, the roots can get fairly long.

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