Saying Goodbye.../new Beginnings!

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    Hey everyone!

    So as I posted on some of my other recent threads, I'm moving next month! In lieu of that, I have decided to simplify the moving process I was going to tear down my 5 gallon adult gardneri killifish breeding trio, my 5 gallon rearing tank that I've had their 10 fry in, and my 3.4 gallon sparkling gourami tank. My plan included rehoming my gouramis and adult killies, and setting up a spare 10 gallon I had laying around and put my fry in there since they were getting too big for a 5 gallon.

    I dropped my adult killies and gouramis at the LFS. Luckily for me one of the very seasoned employees agreed to take my trio home for his own personal tanks, female killifish are very hard to come by unless you know a breeder or buy them online. This was great news for me because I had grown very fond of my killies but since their Male babies had such great coloring and also they are the first and only fry I've ever had hatch/raised in my own tanks, faced with the choice between keeping the adults or the fry, I chose the fry. Does anyone else ever get stupidly sentimental rehoming their fish friends? I sure did!

    Anyways, on the bright side, I will be bringing my clean and torn down tanks with me (as well as my up and running 12 gallon long and new 10 gallon fry tank) to my new house. So this gives me the opportunity in the future to do some new scapes and keep new species!! This also gave me the perfect excuse to do a new aquascape on the 10 gallon. To my boyfriends frustration I got some new driftwood (even though both pieces from the 5 gallons were fine...he just doesnt understand my artistic process lol) and reused plants, rocks, and the sponge filter from my torn down tanks. 90% of the plants are different size/kind of anubias with some frogbit and duckweed for cover. It's my little anubias forest! My fry have been in there for about 20 minutes are are happily darting around since they just doubled their swimming space. I also found 2 teeny little fry when I was tearing down the adult tank (!!!) So I put those in here and hopefully they can hide from their older siblings long enough to not get eaten. Heres pictures of the new tank! Let me know what you guys think :D

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    Btw this is a good opportunity to show off one of my anubias flowers ;)

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    Sad to hear you had to let go of the adult killifish. I haven't had to go through that yet, but I do fear that once I move out of my state I will likely have to part ways with my current fish. Trying to enjoy them as much as I can :)

    That set up looks awesome! I don't have any driftwood in my tank but seeing all these set ups makes me consider it.
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    Very pretty tank! Love the Anubias flower.
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    Wow I love the scaping! Good luck on raising your little killis!
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    Thank you for the replies everyone! The end goal to this tank is to rehome most of the females and lesser colored males once they are full grown (the fish store I rehomed the adults to is A+++ and has an empty 7 gallon dennerele they are saving for my killi fry...I guess that's a compliment that my home bred killies will be in a fish store display!). At that point I'm going to either add some australe or other similar sized killifish species or some bottom dwellers like a smaller cory cat or loach and make it a community. Probably gunna go with the killifish, just because I love mine so much. So far I've only kept fundulopanchax gardneri, fundulopanchax sjoestedti (niger), and good ol rocket killies but i will definitely keep a new species later down the road.