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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by laurie26t, May 29, 2018.

  1. laurie26t

    laurie26tNew MemberMember

    ok so here it is I've had sebastien since perhaps 2 months now he's a wonderful betta he lives in a 2 gallon ( i know its small i am currently working on cycling a 5 gallon tank for him) with a filter, heater there are diatoms and green algae ( also why i am upgrading him to a 5 gallon) i also have a freshwater plant and a russian ball and my tank has been cycling for 7 months now so i have plenty of bacteria and also my filter has a sponge and a live rock ( i also always remove uneaten food and change 25% of water every 2 weeks and use Prime seachem for removing chloramines).
    Now, FOR SEBASTIEN , i usually feed him 2 pellets a day however i skip a day and now friday and saturday he was eating readily he likes to jump to get his food sunday i didnt feed him and now yesterday he ate one pellet and when i was going to give him his second pellet in the evening he wouldnt come up to eat it and since this morning hes been at the bottom of his tank and just seems to sleep i tried stimulating him but he keeps sinking down at the bottom, i know he is breathing however not heavily and he did come up at some point touched the pellet and sunk back down to the bottom .... his colors are still amazing i dont know what to do i dont want sebastien to die HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!( he doesnt have any lumps on his body and/or any dust i was going to treat for internal worms but i dont know what to do else )

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  2. AngelTheGypsy

    AngelTheGypsyFishlore VIPMember

    I would try a water change. Fresh clean water will usually get them to perk up. I would also do more water changes. I aim for 50% weekly in all my tanks, including my bettas.
    If your filter on the 2 gal is cycled, you can just move that filter (or the media) to the new 5 gal tank for an "instant" cycle. The bacteria needed for his bioload is already there, so it will still work in a larger tank.
    Next you could try some live or frozen food, like frozen (thawed out in tank water) bloodworms. My bettas love those.
  3. Jnyftb

    JnyftbValued MemberMember

    My Betta is doing the same thing after I've had him for almost two years. I have tried so many things to fix him and nothing is working. Hope you get some helpful advice here that can benefit both of us 20180516_221809.jpg

  4. 75g Discus Tank

    75g Discus TankFishlore VIPMember

    If you cycled t(e tank, did you throw out the filter cartridges?

    If not, you can use that media and transfer it to the 5 gallon Andy instant cycle it.

    Also, live rock is for saltwater aquariums and it’s use in freshwater will cause a large ammonia spike when all of the bacteria dies.

  5. OP

    laurie26tNew MemberMember

    well its not a live rock as such its just used in my filtering but since it is the mozt piuroua substance it can really grasp the small particles in the water but maybe thats what happened ....

    I am sad to announce that sebastien is dead . i did a water change and i tried treating worms with PraziPro ( if it wouldnt be worms it wouldnt have done anything) and i helped him breath at the surface unfortunatly he died this morning he did lose some colour and his face is really grey with the side of his broncheas really black i will test rhe ammonia and the nitrate i did inspect my plants and since ive been limiting the sunlight so that the amount of diatoms would disappear the leaves have yellow spots and holes and the rim of my plants is black and i read somewhere that this could be because my aqaurium is manganese and magnesium dedicient i dont know if this could have impacted sebastien i am devasted this morning :( ..

    i meant most porous ***
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  6. OP

    laurie26tNew MemberMember

    so guys i just found the source of his probable death .... so friday i opened an air freshner and i placed it besides the tank and i think that it slowly poisoned him its a sincere miatake and now i know that i should never do that but i am writing about my sincere mistake to prevent others from doing it ... sebastien deserved to live and without knowing i caused his eventual death so to prevent any other fish from dying in the same way i think it is safe to say to not place any air freshner in the same room as your fish since the ambient air will be the air that your betta breaths and as we all know any soap or chemical substamce might kill your betta also that air is what mixes with the water it will be the o2 in the water i do not see any other source for his death therefore i sincerely hope that no one will do the same .... :( :( R.I.P sebastien

    checkout my reply i think my betta died because i had an air freshner close to the tank so if you have an air freshner in the same room it could be the cause :(
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  7. Dch48

    Dch48Well Known MemberMember

    Yours may just be getting old.

    That could very well be the cause. Especially if your filter runs with an air pump. Even if it doesn't, like you said, it could still get in the tank. more so if it's right next to it.

    We all live and learn.
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  8. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Air fresheners cause my airways to close up. To me, they’re just all around bad. But you just weren’t thinking. We all make mistakes. I’m so sorry you lost your finbaby. :(

    Tell us more. Size of tank, heater? Water changes. Tank mates? What have you tried?
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  9. Dch48

    Dch48Well Known MemberMember

    The same thing happens to me, Air Fresheners, perfumes, scented candles, incense, all cause me to feel like I'm choking.
  10. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    At least we know what’s happening. I really feel for Laurie and her darling Sebastien. Heartbreaking. :(
    And you be careful. You never know when some chemical will literally take your breath away. :)
  11. Esimm03

    Esimm03Well Known MemberMember

    Hi, just stumbled upon this thread, sorry to hear about the Betta,I totally understand, it's horrible when a fish is unwell. I haven't read the whole thread yet so will try to catch up

  12. OP

    laurie26tNew MemberMember

    thank you guys for the support :( i guess its worst since i feel responsible :( but i swear im done with air freshners close to my tanks forever !! and indeed keep us updated about your belushi :( as mentioned earlier though it might be age ?
  13. Keith83Valued MemberMember

    What kind of air freshener?
  14. OP

    laurie26tNew MemberMember

    heres a picture !!

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  15. Goldiemom

    GoldiemomWell Known MemberMember

    It was hard to do but I had to. I placed the fish in a small bowl of tank water. Then in a separate small plastic container I mixed 2 drops of clove oil with a little tank water, shook it to mix it and poured it in the bowl with fish. He wiggled for a couple of seconds then fell asleep. After 10 minutes I added a little vodka to the water, waited 25 minutes to be sure he was dead. No Gill movement or mouth movement at all. He was gone. He never actually showed any sign of life after putting the clove oil in. Very painless. It was easier than watching him suffer.
  16. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

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