Sand Waterfall Help?

  1. Kat Cetera Initiate Member

    I bought this sand waterfall online and it didn't come with any instructions, just a little packet of sand. I can't get this to work....... I put the sand in the basin and nothing happened, I got maybe a few small particles to come out of the lions mouth. I then put some sand in the hole you see in the brick wall and nothing. I have an air pump rated for up to 30 gallons, which is what the tank is. I thought maybe the pump was too weak so I put an air line splitter on and attached another pump. That did increase the air flow but very very little improvement. Any ideas? Does my whole substrate have to be sand for this to work? The bottom of the ornament is solid, there's just air airline barb on the outside corner.

    Underwater Treasures Sand Waterfall Lion & Turtle | Big Al's
  2. Manjit Member Member

    there are lots of DIY videos of sand waterfall on youtube... watch some... hope it might help...
  3. Kat Cetera Initiate Member

    Yeah, I've done that and actually found a video of the ornament. I'm trying to reach out to the poster. I'm thinking I might need a stronger air pump.
  4. Littlebudda Well Known Member Member

    Try agitating the sand when you start up the pump, I built my own and I had trouble at first as the sand seemed to get compacted and wouldn't go through once loosened it was fine. Also try adjusting the height of the air stone if it's too low it won't allow the water to come through and if it's too high it won't pull enough water
  5. Kat Cetera Initiate Member

    I stirred the sand and unfortunately the air barb is fixed on the ornament. There's no air stone in there, and no access for me to put one. Urgh.......... Someone mentioned that my air pump could be too weak for the depth of the water, which is over 20". I'll probably try it in a smaller tank this evening.