Sand substrate in Freshwater

  1. N

    Nitsud345 Initiate Member

    I want to start a freshwater aquarium using sand as a substrate component(gravel as well), but how would I do that with an undergravel filter? I have two aquariums already one with an undergravel one without, but both have gravel in them. HELP!!

  2. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    What exactly are you trying to set up? Are you wanting to do 1/2 of the tank gravel and 1/2 of the tank with sand and then only using an undergravel filter on the half with rock and not use the UGF on the half with sand? If you use sand with the ugf then the sand particles will just sift through the ugf plates clogging them up.

    IMO, you would be better off not using an undergravel filter and then you could use the rock and sand (maybe 1 inch layers) to your liking.