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    what's going on. i'm setting up a new tank. i have a 55 gallon cichlid tank that uses aragonite sand i bought at the lfs. now i came upon sand from a playground near a river. is it safe to use for a community tank? if so how long will this untreated sand settle? thanks!
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    It's usually not a good idea to use sand you pick up by rivers or lakes. You don't know whats been on it, Play sand by the bag is very cheap. Usually took mine at least overnight to settle. But took forever to rinse. Friends tell me pool sand is easier to clean. Hope that helps.
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    DEFINITELY do not pick up sand from the playground.  yuck.  think about it, countless little feet, ive seen people spit in the sand, animals um lets say Using it...  i think storebought play sand has harmful things in it and lime that can affect things?  if it was me (i wish it was, 55 gal!)  i think id go with "aquarium safe" sand from your LFS.
    thats just me, gunnie and butterfly and the rest know more :D
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    If you got o one of the hardware stores like lowes or ace you can buy play sand by the bag and its perfectly safe to use. I have it in a tank and love the look but did take all night to settle.
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    i was dubious so i just got sand from this guy that used it for a saltwater tank. i rinsed the sand countless times. let it sit in the tank with water overnight so all the salt came out. took the water out then replaced it with new water. it's crystal clear now. thanks guys.
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    You have to be really careful using sand from a saltwater tank in a freshwater tank. It's awfully hard to get all the stuff out of it. It can be clear and still not have everything out of it. Just my thoughts.