sand or gavel??? Question

  1. wadesharp Initiate Member

    i have used both before and i like the look of sand but cleaning is hard BUT im think about only putting in some pictus cat fish and some rainbow or red fined sharks. i used play sand before and it work and looked great but is there any other colors besides that tanish color? where could i get some locally in MI, maybe home depot? please give me your input and some ideas thanks alot=]=]
  2. gunner13 Well Known Member Member

    I use black aquarium sand in mine but i forget who it's made by. Not sure where you wld get it as i live in ENGLAND. But there are many different colours. My fish do really well with it especialy the fire eel. My pictus doesnt mind it either.
    Good luck
  3. wadesharp Initiate Member

    thanks for the food back... as i have no clue where i can get any other color sand around here besides pink with out ordering online =[. i just dont like that normal color of play sand its to boring for me.
  4. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Pool sand is a really nice white/cream color.
  5. wadesharp Initiate Member

    where could i9 get it at just a normal pool supply store??
  6. gunner13 Well Known Member Member

    Hello again buddy. The sand i use is made by UNIPAC and they have quite a few colours. Go on their web site and see if your LFS can order it in for you. Good luck

    The web site is
  7. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Yep. Some home supply stores (like Home Depot or Menards or such) carry it too. Might want to call first. :;th
  8. wadesharp Initiate Member

    i live like two mins away from a home depot and a lowes so ill go there tomorrow but thanks

    how can you "exhale" the Co2 from within the sand without messing the whole tank up??

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  9. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    It's not co2 as far as I'm aware. I thought it was nitrogen gas or a form of it anyway. I just gently run my fingers through the sand thouroghly at each water change to release the gases. What does get stirred up will settle pretty quickly so long as the sand is well washed before you put it in the tank. Other people use things like Khuli Loaches or Malaysian Sand Snails to stir thier sand up but I like to know that it has all been stirred up. That's why I use my fingers.
  10. wadesharp Initiate Member

    o sorry my bad it is haha