Sand Not Settleing

  1. A

    Anto26 New Member Member


    This is my first time setting up a freshwater aquarium. 2 days ago I put in my sand, but it won't settle. Is there any ways I could get it to settle?
  2. AshleyBetta

    AshleyBetta Well Known Member Member

    Can we possibly get a picture?
  3. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Did you rinse the sand before using it? What kind of sand did you get? Whenever I have a problem with sand being kicked up during a water change (for example) I add a high-powered internal filter with fine filter floss and let it run for an hour or so. Take most of the murk right out of the water column;)
  4. OP

    Anto26 New Member Member

    Thanks, IT has now settled, I had to wait a week.