Sand mishap

Olivia Janae

So I put sand in my tank about a week ago and I guess I didn't clean it well enough. It's just a little cloudy. Is there anything I can do?


The sand will eventually settle. Be careful not to disturb the sand during the weekly water change. Thoroughly rinse the filter media with used tank water, weekly & squeeze out the filter sponges if applicable.
It might take a couple of weeks. Dirty gravel will cloud the water in a similar way. Been there, done that. Lol.


When i set up my newest tank i used aragonite sand and it was cloudy for a few days - i just used a spare filter i had and filled it full of filter floss. It must have helped out a bit because the floss wasnt white when i removed it a week later!


Filter floss and sponge filters work. But, since you haven't gotten fish yet it should be fine.


I bought some polishing material and it clears water really good. Its 100 micron I think. The only problem is it gets clogged up in no time.

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