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Sand Legend's 56 Gallon Column

  1. Gilly

    Gilly Valued Member Member

    Hey guys and gals,

    I'm new here to the forum. I have always done my own research and done my "own thing" but decided to be more social. So here's the scoop!

    I purchased a water-tight, although algae-stained-sealant ridden 56 gallon column tank and stand for 40 bucks! its 30 inches wide, 18 inches deep (front to back) and 25 inches tall. I already have a couple inches of Eco-complete plant friendly substrate in there, and purchased a Fluval Aquasky LED fixture for it. I am looking for some suggestions for plants and fish, as I have ALWAYS had long and shallow tanks in the past, and haven't done anything with columns.

    I plan to use 2 sponge filters (never had a bad experience with them) instead of a HOB. I would like the tank to be thoroughly planted with good ground cover.

    I would love some input, especially preferences from everyone that feels like contributing, as to what fish tend to thrive in tanks like this, and what I should do for plants. I don't know much about planting, as most of my experience has been drop-in plants from PetSmart. Thanks again! I look forward to hearing about your cool ideas!

    Also, any suggestions as to how the heck to get algae out of clear sealant would be wonderful. Otherwise I may have to drain the tank, cut the old stuff out, re-seal the thing, and wait a couple weeks to put water back in.
  2. T

    Terabyte Valued Member Member

    Depending on how old the tank is you might want to re-seal it anyway. You could do a massive school of neon tetras, but idk how they do in cylindrical tanks. I personally hate them because they aren't good for fish anyway.
  3. OP

    Gilly Valued Member Member

    the tank isn't cylindrical its still rectangular. Essentially just a taller, and thicker 29 gallon tall tank. I may reseal it. That's a good point. It's not an old tank, its just got algae etched into the sealant. The last owner obviously did not clean the tank much. I do not want to use ANY chemicals or solvents, and am actually curious if the algae will soften over time once water sits in the tank again.