Sand dollars?


I know they might be a weird thing to have in a tank but does anyone have one has had one or known/know anyone who had had one. They seem really interesting and I don't know if there is any way to buy live sand dollars or if they are even legal. Does anyone have any answers?


I have seen them rarely offered for sale. Not sure why you want one but my thoughts are you would need a large aquarium with a deep sand bed. They are kind of filter feeders that can be difficult to feed. By this I mean if you have enough food in tour reef for them to survive you’re polluting your tank. I read many mixed and differing opinions on the web. Many say very difficult to keep and a few said they were easy.
I personally would stay away from one in a reef tank. If it’s fish only there might be enough food in the water column for them to thrive on. Inverts like this rarely get enough food to thrive and are always boarderline living and then die of starvation soon after purchasing, usually 6 months or less.

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