1. dragonspirit1185 Member Member

    Looking for Salvinia minima and natans. I do not want any frogbit. Looking to get both from same seller but willing to get them from individuals if need be.
    I'm looking for some hefty portions so I don't have to wait forever for it to grow in.

    I have had bad luck receiving it in water so it might be best to put them on really wet paper towels with excess water in the baggy.

    Payment will be PayPal and it should fit in a small flat rate box which ships for $6.80.
  2. Euro Member Member

    I have a good bunch of salvinia minima and am selling it by the cup, how much were you looking for?
  3. dragonspirit1185 Member Member

    like an actual 1cup measuring cup full?

    I am just needing to replenish all that died when I moved my Paludarium from Iowa to Georgia.

    Here is the Paludarium


    Water part


    So yeah just enough to cover the surface a good amount.
  4. Euro Member Member

    yup, one measuring cup full (8-9ozish) and I'm selling for $10, but am also doing a buy two cups and get a third one free :]
  5. dragonspirit1185 Member Member

    I don't need more than one cup lol
    How much to ship to zip code removed?
    Also how do you plan on shipping it?
  6. Euro Member Member

    I can do that :] shipping would be $7 cause its in the flat rate box and I ship wrapping a wet paper towel around the plants and keeping the bag they go in moist.
  7. dragonspirit1185 Member Member

    Do you guarantee live arrival?
  8. Euro Member Member

    I do :]
  9. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Love seeing this. Keep it up.

    -will await photos on arrival if so! =]
  10. dragonspirit1185 Member Member

    Sending you a PM
  11. dragonspirit1185 Member Member

    Bump still needing some