Saltwater set up

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    chrisjj625 New Member Member

    Alright so I got 16 pounds of live rock yesterday and a couple damsels for my brand new 29gal biocube reef tank to be. What should I look for to know that it is going through the cycle and how long should I wait before introducing anything else.
  2. ATP

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    After the water has been mixed and put into tank and the salinity is good, get some live rock and place it in the tank. After about a week, you should see algae in your tank.

    After you see algae, check water parameters that your ammonia is 0. The bacteria changes ammonia to nitrates and later eats up the nitrates with the help of your equipments. (skimmer) So as soon as algae is present, you'll need to buy clean up crews. Start with 5 astrea, 5 scarlet hermits, 5 narcissus snail (if you have sand).

    After a week, add another five and if you want you could get a cleaner shrimp (not coral banded-they don't give any benefits so I don't consider them a clean up crew. They're all so agressive)

    After another week, than you should add a damsel if you're water parameters is good.

    All so, you should check the water every day.

    What you might do because you all ready bough some damsels is another method of cycling which I don't like.

    After you put in rocks,
    The damsels will go into your tank and they will die due to ammonia and will release nitrates and will help your cycle.