Saltwater Sand

  1. Fishygirl1219

    Fishygirl1219 Well Known Member Member

    Okay so I have my 55 gallon saltwater tank well it's almost too much of a tank in my house so I'm going down to a 30 gallon and I have an algea problem some kind of serious on my sand ....I don't want to move that problem with me is there some way to clean it so it has no more algea or do I just need new sand which I have I bought some today
  2. stella1979

    stella1979 Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi Fishy Girl :) I'm pretty new to SW but here are my thoughts. I'm wondering how old your tank is? Algae is a normal part of a tank's aging process but should be at a minimum once things have stabilized. It could be silicates being released from your sand, and adding new sand may just start that process over again. Phosphates could be higher than ideal (zero is ideal) and that could come from overfeeding. Nitrates could be high, which would also cause an algae outbreak. Rather than replacing sand, I would be testing to see what's causing the abundance of algae. If it is your sand, you will either need to let it age or try a different sand. Patience, research and testing are key on the salty side of this hobby. Hope this helps!
  3. grantm91

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    Also if you do get more sand buy the live sand as you will have no issues what so ever. I used it in my first set up and it was perfect worth the money 100% then when i upgraded i added some standard white to fill it out, worst mistake i did, diatoms every where. I've since threw most of it and im still having issues. As said above ageing and turning the sand is the best as eventually all the silicates will be used up and the algae usually goes ive been through it in my FW tanks too with play sand, rinsing and washing helps too. Obviously there is loads of stuff it could be from lights to water source, tap is bad ro is good lol. I only know about the sand thing from experience . And i know you have a black box light,never run that white over 30 on the dial too as its unnecessary and will not help and will probably nuke coral too.