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    Hi there,
    You're right looks like your ready to add fish .
    Here is an article about Reef Tank Water Parameters if you're interested:
    Best of Luck! :)
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    You're ready to add fish!

    Just add slowly. Don't add your entire stock at once. Add your CUC, then a fish, then a few weeks later add again, etc...
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    I'm so excited!!! Thank you guys!!!

    Confused on CUC?
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    You're ready!
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    It means "clean up crew"

    So your snails, shrimp, crabs... etc.

    Most tanks use them to get rid of detritus/algae.
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    Congratulations! What are your stocking plans?
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    So far I have 1 clownfish. I plan on getting a few tangs, especially the tang! (My favorite fish). I want to get the dogface puffer. I think it is adorable!!

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    Omg that dogface puffer actually has a dog face! (Who would have thought lol.)
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    Dog face puffers are great and tons of personality. What kind of tang do you plan on keeping? Most require at least 125 gallons or larger as they need the room to swim.

    There are a couple however that will do fine in a 70 Gallon or larger tank.

    Once I get my 90 converted, I plan on this stocking. Since the 75 and 90 have the same foot print (90 just has a few more inches in height) you could do something similar.

    In "()" is the number I plan to keep and next to that is their max sizes.

    Blue/Green Chromis (5) 4"
    Clownfish (2) 3"
    Bicolor Dwarf Angel (1) 4-6"
    Watchman goby (1) 6"
    One spot fox face (1) 7"
    Yellow tang/ Yellow kole tang (1) 7-8"