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  1. ayelie

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    Why would you add salt to a Freshwater tank?? I'm confused in why and how much per gal?

    I have coryes, glass tetras, and one lone guppy.
  2. potatos

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    Dont add it. some fish such as mollies can tolerate it, but catfish will not. it is sometimes used to help ceartin illnesses or stress, but is not generally needed for everyday use. My box of api aquarium salt says to add one tablespoon per 5 gallons of water. I do not use it because i have plants, which the salt will kill
  3. rae64

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    Salt used to be highly recommended to treat illnesses. It causes irritation, therefore resulting in the fish over-producing their slime coat. But, "irritation" being the operative word, this causes discomfort for the fish. It is not typically recommended anymore. Some fish like certain puffers are brackish fish, and need salt in their water to survive. I do believe that this is marine salt though, not aquarium salt. This is because they naturally live in places where rivers and the ocean meet, creating a sightly salty (but not totally salty) environment. I would not suggest adding any salt to your tank. It will particularly irritate your sensitive corys.
  4. Prince Powder

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    Aquarium salt in a freshwater aquarium is possibly the most debated topic in this hobby. rae gave you some great info on salt. Personally, the way I see it is the fish don't actually need it, some fish can't even tolerate it (your corys are a prime example) so why bother using it?
  5. Meenu

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    Just to add to the above posts (which were really good), there are conditioners on the market such as StressCoat+ that will help protect the fish's slime coat... so no need for salt, even if the fish is sick. You keep your tankwater clean and cycled, and that'll take care of most problems.
  6. Craig-D

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    Some swear by salt as a preventative measure against disease. As a rule, I don't add anything to my tank unless it absolutely has to be there - and that includes salt. Like myself, ayelie has cories. This means salt is not even an option for her. It will kill them.
  7. OP

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    Ok I am using stress coat and doing daily water changes of 25 - 50%.

    NO SALT I wouldn't want anything to hurt my sweet little corys thay are so cute.

    Thanks everybody I was really confused on this salt thing, but I knew you all would know the real poop on it.

    thanks again
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  8. FishGalaxy

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    My puffer

    For my Figure 8 Puffer I use aquarium salt.
  9. harpua2002

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    You should really be using marine salt mix for a brackish water fish. Marine salt mix contains trace elements that are found in sea water (and in brackish water, in lower concentrations). Aquarium salt does not.