Salt-water Nerite Snails in Fresh-water(and care and compatibility)?


I would like to buy a nerite snail, but my LFS only carries Saltwater nerites. Are they different species? can Saltwater nerites be acclimated to FW? if so, how would I go about doing it? and I'm thinking about putting it in with a Betta, anyone know if it would get eaten? I have heard I should feed fresh vegetables and put in calcium supplements, but I have off-the-charts hard water(with LOTS of calcium and iron), would flake food and algae wafer be ok?Thanks in advance, everyone on this forum has been great!


I believe they are the same species. You would have to lower the specific gravity (aka-salinity, or amount of dissolved salt in the water) of the water gradually over time until there is none left in order to acclimate the snail to freshwater. It would have to be done over the period of a month or two and you would have to constantly monitor your salinity so that there aren't any huge swings (this could harm/kill the snail). IF you have the time, money, etc, to invest in switching the snail from Saltwater to FW, you could definitely put it in with a betta. The most the betta could do to the snail is flare at it and maybe pick at its shell a bit, but as long as the snail's shell is intact, there'd be no need to worry. I have a zebra nerite snail in my 55gal and I don't supplement with calcium because I have hard water as well. So, just flake food and/or an algae wafer would be fine. I got my nerite to help my BN pleco and oto with the diatoms in my 55gal and he has done almost TOO good of a job keeping the tank clean.


You should be fine water quality wise for snails. I don't know as much about bettas but they won't eat you snails. I am also not sure about the freshwater and saltwater thing but I am sure there are many people on fishlore that would love to sell you some nerites pretty cheap. I think you could get some from harpua2002 but I'm not sure. The corona nerites are really neat. I might get some for my 2.5 if I don't get a dwarf puffer.

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