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Discussion in 'Columbian Shark' started by Sharkdude, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    since marine salt is recommended for duplicating brackish conditions I wanted to know the proper measurements for this brand:


    or if you guys know a better kind kindly point me in the right direction:)
  2. ColumbianShark3Valued MemberMember

    Do you have a HydroMeter if not you will need one, and on the package they usually only give mixing instructions for pure saltwater not brackish, at least form what Iv seen of coarse, this is what I just got  

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  3. SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    so for marine salt i should use half of what its says to use? I think i may have confused myself...I've been using API Aquarium salt and doubling the dose(read it somewhere on fishlore) and i want to start using the proper salt.
  4. ColumbianShark3Valued MemberMember

    Yeah that's the same mistake I made, thanks to the people of FishLore I learned that it must be marine salt to duplicate brack water, and hhmmm cutting it in half may be taking off to much

    EDIT: sorry I said the instructions say 1/4 cup per gallon its actually 1/2 cup per gallon again sorry
  5. SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    Thanx very much for your help:)
  6. ColumbianShark3Valued MemberMember

    No problem
  7. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    How much salt you use depends completely on what your target specific gravity is.

    Also, batches of salt can be inconsistent from one to the next, so it's not as simple as just measuring it out. You'll need a hydrometer or refractometer to measure specific gravity.
  8. ColumbianShark3Valued MemberMember

    I guess once you get your salt you could put a gallon of water in a bucket (or more) and slowly add salt until you reach proper SG then you know how much salt you need per gallon
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  9. SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    thats alot of help thanx guys :)

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