Salt Gone Fresh 130g High Tech Planted Build


Hi all, thanks for checking out my build. This build is about setting up my first truly large tank and about coming back into fresh water after a few years in salt. I plan to use 3D printing where possible in this build since I run a small 3D printing business and have a passion for that. I also plan to use some tricks I learned in salt water.

Some background: I used to be an active member here years back and then jumped over to salt water. I had a 20g nano reef through college. I graduated 2 years back and recently purchased my first house. Finally having the space to expand I wanted to get up over the 100 gallon mark but I was ready for a change again and wanted to get back to freshwater. Ive been making some posts lately gathering info and its finally time to start the build. Finances dictated that I would need to find a used tank to get over 100 gallons.

Onto my first build update: I had a personal connection come through on a used 130g tank and stand. Only problem was that it was a drilled reef ready tank with dual over flows. The tank and stand together was $400 and within an hour of my house. The stand was very nice and just needed cosmetic work. I decided I would take it and would either run a sump or convert the tank from a reef ready tank back into something more traditional (more salt gone fresh going on here lol). Here is the tank for the first time on the stand in my house:


I ended up deciding to go ahead and covert it over to a more traditional tank, mostly because I want this set up as a peninsula tank and its only 18" wide, so I wanted the most width out of it as possible. This means removing the over flows and blocking off the drilled holes (maybe, I may still use those, stay tuned). First was cutting away the plastic as much as possible:




Then because silicone does not stick to plastic as well as it does to glass you can flex the plastic and peal it off the glass:


And here is the over flow removed:


Next, to remove the silicone that was securing the over flows I scored it with a blade on either side of the main structural silicone so as not to disturb it, then taking a razor blade scraper you can remove the silicone from the glass, this takes some elbow grease to get all of it truly off. This also scratched the glass slightly, this used tank already has some scratches though and I plan to polish them out so ill hit these scratches as well. Here are pics from removing the silicone:

That discoloring you see is not the structural silicone it is the cosmetic black silicone from the over flows, it was discolored from the UV lights.



And here is the tank with the overflow removal compete:


I still have a lot to do before this tank will truly be set up. I mostly need to finish renovating my living room. Then its onto refurbishing the stand to make it look like a proper piece of furniture. The finally I can aquascape and set the tank up!


Fantastic! Will be following and best of luck!

Since you removed, cleaned and blocked the overflows, are you going to set this up as a peninsula style like the last picture? It looks great in that room like that.


Fantastic! Will be following and best of luck!

Since you removed, cleaned and blocked the overflows, are you going to set this up as a peninsula style like the last picture? It looks great in that room like that.

Yeah that is the living room its sitting in and I do plan to set it up in that orientation and position as a peninsula. I live alone so no one can tell me that I cant set my living room up around the tank lol. I actually have to paint and fix some drywall in the living room before I can start on the tank.

I have yet to actually block up the overflow holes as I may actually use them for filter intake and return lines. Still deciding on that since it will depend on the scape I go with they could end up being in weird spots.


Wow this is going to be cool! Cant wait for future updates


I'm not a big person but this things huge!


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