Salem Interview.

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Hi Salem! I heard you wanted to be interviewed.
I'll kick us off.
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Favorite song?
What is the one place in the world you would want to visit?
Favorite word?
Favorite animal? (besides fish)

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Apologies in advance as I tend to go way too in depth into questions and ramble a whole lot.

I think my favourite colour at the moment is chartreuse- that horrible neon yellow-green colour that is usually associated with sickness. I have several forms of synesthesia and that colour just is overall good in my opinion.

I'm really not much of a food person but I think if I had to choose a favourite- the super salty tomato soup from medieval times maybe?

As far as songs and music go my favourites tend to change every few days. Currently I've been listening to
on repeat though!

If we're talking places I haven't been but want to visit some day there are a few islands around Japan I'd like to see. If places I have been but want to return to count then the entirety of the Republic of Ireland. I was able to visit on 3 different occasions and they were the only times I ever actually felt at home.

I have a lot of favourite words but some of the top ones are;
Hiraeth: A homesickness for a place you cannot return to or never was.
Ambedo. A melancholic trance in which you are absorbed in sensory details.
Gongoozler. One who stares for a long period of time.
Nelipot. One who walks without shoes.
Syzygy. An alignment of celestial bodies.

In terms of domesticated animals I love cats possibly to a mildly concerning extent. As far as wild animals go I think the three-toed sloth is my favourite. They're just so adorable looking and I just think about them a lot. I imagine if they were able to move quickly they would be terrifying but also- imagine a sloth going fast? How silly would that look?? I also really love slugs and snails but I'm not sure if they count as animals!

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I am a gongoozler and a nelipot. Lol.

Favorite childhood show?
Do you prefer blue or white LEDs for an aquarium?
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Me too! That's partially why I like the words so much lol.

I think during childhood I would have said Tales From the Crypt Keeper- I see you're also in Canada so you may know it but it was an animated more kid friendly version of tales from the crypt. It was just a bunch of creepy shorts and I loved it. I also like a show called Edgar & Ellen but didn't get to watch it often. Nowadays I'd say my favourite was likely the New Addams Family solely because it had such an impact on my life and has shaped a lot of who I am today.

I think both blue and white lights have their place in a tank to be honest but I prefer white LEDs. Blue lights I think look better as a night light for an aquarium rather than a day time one. Something about how the blue reflects in the water and on the fish just reminds me too much of doctors offices I suppose.
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Favorite ice cream flavor?
Should I call in more members?
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I'm actually lactose intolerant so I shouldn't really eat ice cream- I still do but not very often. I think mint chocolate is my favourite though I wish I could find just plain mint .

More members would likely be a good idea- hopefully we wouldn't be bothering anyone though!

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Okay, I'll call in a few.
FinalFins, FishGirl115, flyinGourami, you guys want to join this interview?
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I frequently ask this: Milk or cereal first?

Do you know your zodiac and what is it if you do?
Dark or milk chocolate?
Favorite number?
What's the biggest puzzle that you have ever put together?
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Cereal first always! You can't put as much cereal in if you do it milk first and I'm trying to eat a bowl of cereal not a bowl of milk.

Oh boy do I ever know my zodiac. I practice witchcraft and while I don't believe in astrology the stars and night sky play a large part in my life- So I know my full star chart. I doubt anyone cares to know the full chart though so I'll just say I'm a Cancer with Gemini moon and Scorpio rising.

Not the biggest fan of chocolate as it generally hurts my stomach but I vastly prefer milk over dark. I think I like white the best, though I know that it technically isn't 'chocolate'!

My favourite number is 27! As a child I had an imaginary friend named 27!

I used to do puzzles all the time with my grandma. I think the biggest one I ever finished was only about 2ft x 1ft but she did most of the work. The biggest I ever attempted though was a 4ft square with those horrible tiny pieces. One of our cats at the time peed on the box though so I never finished it.
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Light or dark mode.
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Okay, I'll call in a few.
FinalFins, FishGirl115, flyinGourami, you guys want to join this interview?
Okie! Uh,
what's your favorite app?
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Dark mode definitely! It looks a lot nicer and doesn't hurt the eyes as much,

I think my favourite app is this one. It's a virtual spellbook for Dungeons & Dragons. It makes playing a lot easier when I don't have to yank out a different book every 10 minutes to look up the range of a different spell.

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