Sailfin Tang In 60g


I have a 60 gallon3ft by 22" by 20" tank that currently only has one Extreme snowflake clown, 1 bangaiI cardinal, 1 coral cardinal, a black bar chromis and a lawnmower blenny.
We have a 2" sailfin tang at work (I work at my lfs) and I really wanna get one for my tank.
How long would a sailfin last in a tank my size?

Oliver T.

I have almost every fish you have except for the coral cardinal and extreme snowflake, but you should check out the picture of the sail fin my friend got, they grow huge, so I don't know if it'll be the greatest choice for your tank


Not long IMO.
Tangs swim miles a day in the wild..


I really wouldn’t, especially not a sailfin. If you’re wanting a tang for that size tank a sailfin isn’t the one I would go for

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