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I am setting up a 6 gallon fluval edge tank for some rcs I will be getting. This is will be the first time I've ever had them.1) My bf uses waterproof silicone on things in his salt water tanks and I just was wondering if I can also use it in the rcs tank. He read that it's completely safe and is actually what's recommended. I know rcs are very sensitive and am just looking for some input. thanks.

2) I also wanted to know if there are any plants that are an absolute must in the rcs tank. I have sand and plants already in the tank but I will order some other kinds of plants also if I need to.

thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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You need to use silicone that does not have an anti-mildew chemicals in it.Silicone with the anti-mildew stuff will kill the beneficial bacteria in your filter. Any silicone you can buy at your LFS should be fine.Or just check the label if you buy it at a home improvement store.You will surely save some money if you get it at Home Depot or Lowes. Superglue will also work for gluing things in a aquarium,and not harm the fish,FYI.

RCS will do fine without any plants at all,so there are no must have plants for them. Mosses and grasses are nice to have for the babies,but not a necessity.

Mine like to eat flakes,and sinking spirulina discs. I break the discs up so I do not overfeed and pollute the tank.

They breed like crazy,so before too long you will have a tankful. Great little inverts. Very interesting to watch.
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thank you. It is the kind that prevents mold. I just read the tube more carefully and in very fine print it says not for use in aquariums. should've examined the package before.


Actually, I'd say that although they can live without plants, that isn't recommended. I highly recommend some Java moss, which is a low-light plant without any special demands. Java moss gives them security and a place to hide, and supplies them with food (the shrimp will pick dying bits of moss and eat it). RCS and plants just seem to be made with each other, and you should try your best to get at least a few low-light plants into the tank.


I agree with Elodea. Shrimp love plants. In particular, Java moss is appreciated. I have water wysteria in my shrimp tank, and though the shrimp kind of like hanging out in it, when I put Java moss in the tank, it only took about five minutes to attract most, if not all, of the shrimp. Now, at any given time, I can find four or more shrimp in the clump of moss, picking through it for food.


For a really easy plant that shrimp love you can get a marimo ball. For the short time my shrimp were alive (long story...) they loved that little moss ball.

FWIW, my 5 gallon shrimp tank will definitely have flame moss, java moss, a lace java fern, and two or three marimo balls. I'd like to add something like micro sword, dwarf hair grass or baby tears to make a bush too.


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