Safe Anemone Removal Question

Discussion in 'Anemones' started by Etcetera, Mar 22, 2010.

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    My boyfriend recently acquired a 30G saltwater setup with a few fish, corals, and a ton of mature rock. However, there is a large anemone who has decided to settle on the top center rock taking up a lot of light and valuable real estate for coral. It also has stung him several times and has broken the skin when it has done so, so he really wants to get rid of it. I can't really blame him--but it is a very healthy and attractive anemone--mostly flesh colored with intense purple tips on each tentacle, a bit larger than softball sized. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to safely convince the anemone to let go of his home rock so that it can be taken to a local marine specialist fish store. Thanks!
  2. Naeusu

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    can you post a pic of the anemone or say what kind it is? i've been told the safest way is to wear some thick latex (powder free of course) gloves and to gently prod with a feeding stick. Prodding will make the anemone retract into a ball (keeping you safe from the tentacles) and then you can very gently remove him from the rock by peeling the base of the foot off the rock. OR you could aim a powerhead at him and he will move himself.
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    You can tickle the base of anenome with your fingers and he will release just apply slight pressure to feet all around base and it will let go. Ohh and use latex non powdered sterile gloves!