Sadly, I Lost My Jack Today - Now What.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Beckykrow, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. BeckykrowNew MemberMember

    I had been worried about him, since the last water change on Wednesday, 4/10/19 Jack had been acting funny. He was refusing his pellets and I thought maybe he was a little shocky from the water change. Everything seemed okay, but he was sluggish.
    Tonight I came home from work at 8:30 and my little guy was gone. Yes I had a good cry over a fish.... and I am glad that I saved him... but is this how it always is............what do I do about Spot and the moss ball..... Honestly I don't know if I can do this again. Being responsible for someone's whole world. One slip up and it is life taking.
    Now I have a baby snail and a moss ball, who may need a new home because I didn't know anything about fish and even less about snails.
    I don't know how long Jack was dead in the water, my husband said he seemed okay last, around 2 pm.
  2. SwlwsValued MemberMember

    I'm very sorry for your loss. Mistakes happen and there is nothing wrong with shedding tears for your finned friend as our pets are every bit our family as our siblings and children.

  3. PheonixKingZWell Known MemberMember

    I get you, completely and hole hardiedly, but you can’t quit. I’ve had PLENTY of fish die on my watch, and felt the same way, I said to myself “This poor fish, died because of you.” And I really beet myself up for it later. But not all is lost, keep at it, it really is a GREAT hobby, once you get the hang of it!! I am sorry again, for your loss. There is no same in crying, to be honest, I do it all the time, when my fish die!! Any more questions?

  4. BeckykrowNew MemberMember

    yeah how do I make sure that the water is safe and my little snail will be okay.

  5. imbaWell Known MemberMember

    sorry for the lost.

    if you plan to continue, I'd suggest to get a larger tank for your next betta and your current snail. a 5 to 10 gallon would be a nice home for a single betta. A filter and heater would be the other essentials. With a larger tank, it will actually be easier for you to keep and maintain, as the larger body of water will give you more leeway when something wrong with your water.
  6. candiedragonWell Known MemberMember

    It is very upsetting to lose a fish. I've lost some bettas throughout the years and I've cried, held burial services with flowers, and beat myself up about it, too. It's tough to lose a fish, especially one you grow so fond of over time. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us at one point or another. Some things beyond our control, some things simply because we did not know.

    I know people are going to tell you don't quit. That's because we all are very welcoming to those who come into the hobby and seek knowledge on the best care for their fish, and we would hate to see anyone leave. This hobby... lifestyle... it can be so rewarding and have such a positive impact on your quality of life. However, that's ultimately up to you. People handle things differently, some pick themselves up and try again, others walk away never to return. No matter what, there's no wrong action. Do what's in your best interest.

    If I'm being honest, I hope that you mourn as much as you need to, and I hope that you pick yourself up, dust it all off, and try again. It's part of the hobby to experience loss, but that just means how great a time you had until then.

    May Jack rest in love and peace.
  7. PheonixKingZWell Known MemberMember

    What since tank was he in? I recommend a 5 gal. Tank, for bettas, but you can get by with a 2.5 gal. Tank. Just make shure you buy a heater, and a filter!:)
  8. WinterSoldier.Well Known MemberMember

    Sorry for your loss. I hate when bettas die
  9. BeckykrowNew MemberMember

    I thank you, whole heartily, for all your help.

    Well, I still have a baby snail to consider. I changed the name to Dot, from spot. So I may not be ready yet but I think my little Dot will need a fish to clean up after.
    I just need a tougher skin and more experience.

    I really didn't expect him to live long. But considering his condition when I got him.
    I found Jack on a Walmart shelf, in a tiny cup with less than an inch of water. I remember how happy he was to be in a 3 gallon tank. I just wasn't ready to get so attached because I didn't realize what a big personality a little fish could have.
    He wagged his whole body when he saw me and he watched over his own little buddy.
    He used to stick his whole head into the moss ball and I think he was trying to tell me about the baby snail hiding there from the first day it was in the tank.
    I am so glad that I was able to give Jack a better life and he didn't die in a cup. He was happy.
    Thank you to everyone for your advice and information. If not for Jack I wouldn't have a reason to meet you all.
    Thank you.
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  10. PheonixKingZWell Known MemberMember

    That was actually made me tear up!! :(
  11. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    IM so sorry for your loss. RIP Jack.
  12. BeckykrowNew MemberMember

    Yes, I was pricing bigger tanks. Justifying the expense for one fish was hard. But Jack's tank has everything, reliable heater and filter.
    My husband suggested maybe getting fish that could live together... That's definitely a bigger tank. For right now Dot will be okay in the current 3 gallon.
    It's already cycled.
    Two weeks ago I didn't know what that meant.

    Me to.
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  13. Cherie GValued MemberMember

    Very sorry for your loss, we have all been there and understand what you are going through. You are at the right place if you decide to continue with the hobby. Plenty of knowledge and kindness can be found here :). Take care!
  14. BeckykrowNew MemberMember

    The tank is pretty well established, just had a beautiful bacterial bloom and the water was clear and good perimeters.
    I don't know what caused his death. Just fish die... he left fin marks all over my heart.
  15. JChiValued MemberMember

    I'm so sorry for your loss - but you gave Jack a GREAT life! It's the sad part about this hobby, we will outlive all our fish. I don't know if you have other pets, but I have dogs, and this was sent to me after I love my soul-dog years ago. I think this is fitting for fish as well....

  16. BeckykrowNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the poem, I currently have 3 cats, I used to do cat rescue but had to give it up. Too many cats and too sad. We have always had dogs, we lost our last , Sasha, 2 years ago now. We lost her mate, Fox, the year before. It's been very hard without them.
    Yes I understand that we out live our animals and I do want another dog. It's a big hole. I thought fish would fill that space, but this hobby is tricky.
    Even though I keep the tank up, I still have water issues and who knew that a snail would poop so much. Dot seems resilient, I guess snails are tough.
  17. JChiValued MemberMember

    I understand. I think that animals are lucky to have you as their caretaker. You have a beautiful soul!