Saddle Valentini With Ich?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by mcloud9, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. mcloud9

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    Hi all, I am concerned my small saddle valentini puffer has ich. I've read that it could possibly be lympho and I'd love a more expert opinion. He is acting completely normal, eating, and trying to harass the large turbo snails etc. I've attached a picture that shows the white dots on his fins. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 20190709_185951.jpg20190709_185951.jpg
  2. Crimson_687

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    If saltwater ich and freshwater ich are identical in terms of ich, then yes that is ich. With lighter infections the fish will act normal, but as the infection progresses they will become irritated more and begin darting and scratching against ornaments and acting abnormally. Ich is also notorious for doubling roughly every 24 hours
  3. coralbandit

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    Pray it is anything but ich ..Any other fish in tank with him ?
    Welcome and keep us posted on how the puff is .
  4. Jesterrace

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    Looks like ich. Do you have any other fish in the tank, or any inverts or corals?