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Discussion in 'Birds' started by mammaguppy, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. mammaguppy

    mammaguppy Valued Member Member

    Okay,I came across this story online. Someone who had budgies but only bred them infrequently had a grey female she paired with a sky blue male. Instant love. A little while later,she lost the use of her legs due to tumors. She'd climb up to her favorite perch at night,using her beak and would balance there. If she started to tip,he would extend a wing to keep her from falling,sometimes even sleeping that way. Sadly ,the female died and the male was left brokenhearted. He hardly ate and made no sound. A week later,he started returning to normal,although he was very quiet. The owner attempted to pair him with several other females,but he rejected them. He died a month or two after the female,like he died of a broken heart.

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  2. T

    Tedda Saur New Member Member

    Dying of a "broken heart" is technically possible with humans! Which, of course, is not a nice thing to hear.. I shouldn't sound so enthusiastic.

    This made me sad, though. I'm sorry for his and his owners loss. :(
  3. MJDuti

    MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    Another reason why birds are amazing creatures
  4. Y

    Yabbylady New Member Member

    So sweet and very sad :(

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  5. Fishguy11

    Fishguy11 Valued Member Member

    Shows how intelligent they are

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