Sad snail situation :(

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    Stephinpdx Initiate Member

    So I have some hitchhikers, tiny pond snails. I don't mind them for nor and only had 4, so I figured it was fine and I'd see what happened. I even moved them from my old tank to the new tank. Yesterday I noticed a couple on the filter uptake and didn't think too much of it, but then today they were still there and the shells looked empty. When I did the water change I found that yes, the shells were now empty. Tonight I noticed another one on there! I immediately turned the filter off and tried to free him but it was too late. I know they are nuisances but I feel bad for them--what a sad way to die!
    What can I do to prevent this, especially if I go buy any snails?

  2. xxbyamomentx

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    If you have an intake tube on your filter, you can put a piece of sponge over the tube to keep the snails from being injured. If your filter is one of the HOB filters, you can also secure a piece of pantyhose over the intake slats since a sponge doesn't really work in that situation. I've been using the pantyhose trick and haven't had any filter injuries. Good luck!
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    Stephinpdx Initiate Member

    Thank you!! It is a HOB so I will find some pantyhose.
  4. xxbyamomentx

    xxbyamomentx Member Member

    Another tip since it's an HOB...if you find the 'sock only' pantyhose, you don't have to cut them and risk any little fabric-y slivers in your water. I just slipped a whole one over mine, and the ankle band keeps it from slipping, even when a snail crawls on it. If that doesn't secure it enough, you can also use a rubber band to keep it in place. :)
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    I use a pre-filter sponge instead of the pantyhose. Looks better imo and gives an extra place for BB to colonize. As my snails have gotten bigger, I've started to use a rubber band on it as well so they don't accidentally pull it down. Added benefit, if you have other scavengers in the tank, they may end up hanging out on it for food as well. I regularly have at least a few shrimp sitting on it eating away, even my brand new babies have been fine on it.

    Here's what I use: