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    i got some sad news to say for my 55 gallon tank ???
    I did a 50% water change due to cloudy water and hooked up my new rena xp4. I moved around some decorations so i could hide my java moss that keeps getting clogged in the filters intake. Filter on pumping super fast yet cloudy still and lost about 20 convicts??? i went on rena site and ordered a lot of filter media and a new test kit as my old one got ruined. So i am at a stand still right now with no idea what the problem is. Only the convicts seam to be coming up and staying at the top but everyone else looks fine. Anyone have a similar problem or any ideas?
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    thanks yeah i am going to do that wed, i did grab a container of aquatech carbon and put extra into the whisper 60 filter pads, do you think that would have an effect? i thought more carbon would help with an over crowded aquarium??
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    oh no :( im sorry for the losses ...
    carbon does help with overstocked tanks but doesnt do much when the tank isnt cycled.and your plecos are going to make it super hard to ever keep it cycled without every other day 50% water changes, once it is cycled...its what I had to do with my 75g tank with 2 adult oscars...not fun but definitely needed...pick up some amquel+ or prime as well to do your daily water changes with ....especially if cons are hanging at the top...which isnt normal for them.....good luck!
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    its very interesting and a pain lol, i kept all media the same just added new media with a new filter. I wish i didn't have to work 24/7, wed is my day off so i will grab those both along with asking if they could test my aquariums water, i ordered a freshwater master kid from hard to tell what brand its from though but from the rena site so i am hoping its a good one for $30 and i grabbed every media they got for their filters lol so hopefully this mess will get better!!
    I mean i was starting to get annoyed with so many but never wished the karma from being annoyed to death on a lot of them:mad: , it looks like june i will be moving and have room for all my tanks at the same place!! I can't wait, my 30 gallon and 10 gallon are at my parents about 20 minute drive away. So i will have 55 gallon, 30 gallon and 10 gallon along with possibly a 90 gallon ;D, i cant wait to have a 2 bedroom lol
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    Yay! lol got a little break, i didn't hook up the air stone yet after remodeling. Just put it back in turned it on and all the convicts are now back to the gravel level acting like nothing happened!!Very weird though lol, i am still going to do everything else though as the water is still cloudy just a little happiness amongst the madness :)
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    i have solved the problem above and was going great water clear perfect for the fish, i go away for a few days thinking they should be alright have 3 filters running and water looking and testing great. How wrong was I:;fim!! I return home to find that the power to the entire tank has been knocked out. I right away plugged it back in to find almost everyone is gone :eek: , the only few to survive are baby/fry convicts about 6-10, my 2 kissing guarami, and 3 pleco's :(
    I am moving to another apartment before may 1st so it looks like i am going to start over. I am currently looking for home for my 2 common pleco's as they are way to big and won't stop growing and would be the best for them to have a bigger tank to move around. The smaller is 13" while the bigger is 18"+ way to big for my 55 gallon. Yet so hard to let my big pleco "Master Sucker" go due to raising him for 3 + years.