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Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by cookie, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. cookieNew MemberMember

    I started a 10 gallon tank in January with two Dwarf Gourami's, one flame called Sweet Potato and one blue neon called Cookie (my 3 year old named them). Sweet Potato is larger. I asked at the store if this would be a problem, they said it would be fine. It's not. From the beginning, Sweet Potato has been picking on Cookie and chasing him all over the tank. At first this wasn't so bad since Cookie had a hide out in a little Shrine, too small for Sweet Potato. But since then, we have added a bottom feeder who has decided to claim this Shrine as his home and often tries to kick Cookie out. Sweet Potato has also recently discovered he can fit in there as well. In the past week or so Cookie just seems miserable. He hasn't been going to the top to eat like he used too. He doesn't really show any interest in food. He looks a little dull and part of his back fin is bent. He definitely is not as happy as he was.

    We have tested for Ammonia and PH, both are perfect. We feed them flakes every two days. We don't have a nitrate test kit (yet). We have one plastic plant, one Shrine and one other rock type thingy they can swim through. Temp is around 75.

    What could be wrong with Cookie?? I am just waiting to find floating on the top one morning.

    I thought of buying another Gourami, to try and even the score. But should I go with another Flame or another smaller Blue Neon or another Gourami altogether? Or do I try and introduce a female? I am not interested in breeding however, so this makes me nervous.

    What to do!!
  2. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us! I would definately not get another gourami. Most of the gouramis are quite aggressive toward other fish and especially toward other gouramis. They are very territorial. Unless you have a lot of hiding places, cookie is gonna be bullied relentlessly, and then what good is it if he has to hide all the time? If you get another gourami, cookie will probably just continue to be bullied by sweet potato and possibly also by the new fish. Is it possible to get another 10 gallon tank or take one of the gouramis back to the store? This sounds like a perfect excuse for another tank! ;)
  3. cookieNew MemberMember

    Sorry, I'm new at this and thought I already replied but it is not showing this is take two!

    What other fish do you suggest I should buy to go with my two gourami's?

    What do I do about Cookie who won't eat? I've tried even hand feeding him and shooing the others away, but he showed no interest.

    We have no plans to start a new Aquarium just yet. Maybe when we have this one figured out we will!

    Thank you!
  4. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    I wouldn't buy any more fish until you get cookie resolved. The second tank would be to put cookie in so maybe he would not feel so threatened and start eating again.

    When you say ammonia and ph are perfect, what does that mean in numbers. Perfect ammonia is at zero. What are your nitrite and nitrate levels. This information will all help us see if we can positively identify the problem in your tank. ;)
  5. cookieNew MemberMember

    Ammonia is at 0 and the Ph was about 7.2. I haven't tested the Nitrates yet. I will buy a kit tomorrow.

    He still hasn't eaten and it's been about a week. He is basically just staying in the little shrine and not moving. I'm very worried. The bent portion of his fin fell off and his colors are darkening ( looking dark blue maybe a little grey)

    Could I just put him in a fish bowl for a few days? Or does it have to be a tank with a whole new filtration system and so forth?
  6. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    It sounds like he needs to be put in a hospital tank. If the bowl is all you have, you do put him in there, but he will need a small heater, and at least an airstone for circulation. You will have to do daily water changes, and I would go ahead and start treating him with maracyn I & II to stop any bacterial infection he may have.
  7. cookieNew MemberMember

    First of all, I really appreciate you helping me out! I am not sure what I would have done otherwise!

    We went out and bought a 2 gallon aquarium kit which came with a bio wheel filter. We also bought a small heater. We did not buy the Maracyn because it was 17$ for I and $8 for II. This is a lot of money when you add that and the whole new kit. We opted for a cheaper medication called Fungus Clear from tank Buddies, I have no clue if it's any good. If isolating him and this fungus clear doesn't work, THEN i'll go and buy the Maracyn.

    We also bought the Nitrate and Nitrite tests. Nitrite was 0 and Nitrate levels were around 5. I gather my tank environment is pretty good, so it must just be Cookie.

    I'll let you know how he does in his new home. I am letting the water sit over night. We hope he will still be around tomorrow to see it!
  8. cookieNew MemberMember

    Unfortunately, Cookie is not doing too well. His color and over all appearance looks better, but he is hanging out near the surface and barely breathing, tail downwards. He still refuses to eat, even with food right in front of his nose. i did notice this stringy white stuff coming from him, not sure what that was.

    It's probably too late now for a better medication. The only thing I read on this site is that adding an air stone might help create more oxygen. We are removing the air stone from the other tank and putting in the hospital tank. Maybe this is the problem?

    I have another question. My husband removed the carbon filter and added the meds. But then in less than 10 hours, he put the carbon filter back in. I questioned this, but he looked on line and on the instructions and could not find how long you were supposed to keep the filter off. Should we re treat the tank with that medication and keep the carbon filter off longer and just let the biowheel run? Did we ruin the effect of the medication by putting the carbon filter back too quickly? The medication says you are not suppose to retreat for another 4 days.....

    The little heater I bought for the hospital tank doesn't have any settings on it either. It's hard to tell if it's at the right temp ( I should have bought a better one, it's one of those submersion heaters that can go under gravel) or bought a strip thermometer for the side of the tank.

    I guess you live and learn.

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