Sad Betta?

  1. Rana

    Rana Valued Member Member

    Hello everyone. I am new to fishkeeping , had fishes 15 years ago when i was 4 or 5. And recently i started a fish tank of 15 gallons. I was a total noob, didn't knew anything about nitrogen cycle . I had a fish bowl for a past month or so and had two mollies there. Now i moved them to their new tank. So the thing is, I went to my LFS asked him about tanks and fishes and he reccommended me red zebra danios. I said him about my molly he said yes they would be good together without any issue. He preferred me to take 10 but i took 7 for now and thought would take the rest later. Then i got my eye on a beautiful betta in a tiny jar, asked him about it and he said yes he's not agressive at all and he can be kept with these other fishes. So i took him home too. i decorated my tank , planted some cabomba and few other plants . fittted the filter and air pump .. and filled the tank and left the fishes there. The mollies and zebra danios are doing pretty good and eating/playing as they do normally. But my betta doesnt seemed to be very active, he hides in the plants for 1-2 mins then comes out and roams for 10-20 secs and again goes back. Is this normal?
    ANd he hates worms! when i feed him worm he puts it inside his moouth then spills it out like its tasting:bored: but he loves pellets which i never saw a betta to eat.
    so i dont know if he's happy with his tank mates. He is not agressive. He sometimes runs behind a molly but thats just for seconds, he agains hides back.He mostly chases him when i feed.
    And for the water cycle as i didnt knew anything at the beggining but saw thread when i started searching so i have been doing daily water changes like 30-40% . The betta had stress stripe for the first day or 2 but now it looks normal and i can see his shiny blue color . ANd 1 thin is he is mainly inactive from the evening and worried with the hide thingie.
    i am trying to add images but i cant , the upload button seems not working or i am doing something wrong
    i hope i havent missed anything. Thanks for the help ..LOVE my fishes a lot

    I got the pic. And I missed he heater. I haven't got any heater yet because the lfs din had any heater . I will order online in this week hopefully. Thanks again

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  2. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Ordering a heater will make a big difference! These little guys want their tanks pretty warm, between 78-80F.
    Spitting worms back out doesn't necessarily mean he hates them, just that they're big. That's how some fish break down their food, since they can't chew the same way we do. Are the worms frozen, or freeze dried?
  3. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome to fishlore!

    He is probably "sad" for a few reasons
    1. Zebra danios and bettas are not temperature compatible
    2. Bettas are not community fish, he is probably stressed with the constant movement and other fish on his territory
    3. An uncycled tank and adding so many fish at once means it's very likely that there is toxic ammonia in the water
    4. Bettas need 78-82f. If the water is cooler than this he will have trouble digesting his food (the temperature affects metabolism), he will be more likely to get sick and will have a much shorter lifespan.

    Please do not get any more zebra danios. They need a bigger tank and your tank is overstocked already.

    Do you have a test kit?
    What temperature is the tank currently?
  4. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    Freeze dried and he overlooks them after spitting out, the mollies eat them like crazy!

    No test kits are available here sadly , haven't found one online too. There's no water test thing in my local lfs , I have looked 3-4 of them .. None has and I was totally new to fishkeeping so the lfs totally took advantage and tried to gave me as much fishes as possible, he also recommended me an electric blue ram with some neon tetras. Luckily I din took them . And 2ndly I searched for the thermometer and heater haven't got ..I will get them asap. But it will still take weeks for Amazon to deliver!
  5. Cherie G

    Cherie G Valued Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore Rana! I am fairly new to keeping fish as well but have some experience with Bettas in a community tank with danios. He swam around a fair amount & I never had an aggression problem with him attacking other fish but after getting lots of advice on this site I decided to get a new 5 tank to house the betta alone. Well that made a huge difference in his behavior. He now swims all over the place, makes tons of bubble nests and is generally much more active now that he has his own space. He also always swims to see me and my husband when we approach his tank, much more so than when he was in the community tank. I think the danios fast swimming and constant darting around is disturbing to bettas. Well all I can say from my experience is that he seems much happier and more active now that he has his own tank. Not sure if that is an option for you but might be worth a try. Good luck!
  6. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    Should I move him in my fish bowl? It's pretty big ..actually the biggest that I got on my lfs..I asked for the size they said they don't have idea!

    I thought that too but getting a new tank is too hard as my family doesn't likes the fish hobby at all :(. So what I have is a large bowl. I don't know if he will be happy there or not:(
  7. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Could you give some rough measurements of the bowl?
    It would need to be filtered and heated for him.
  8. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    The bowl

    Big enough?

    Sorry I keep on sending messages ..m new to this forum ..tapping wrong things

    Just found out that my bowl is of 2.5 gallons. I don't know if it's enough? Is it?

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  9. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Not really. But if it's heated and filtered it would be better than the 15 IMO
  10. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    I will try to get a heater and new filter and move him out for a few days and will see if he looks happy . But that will take a week or 2 sadly. Thanks for the advices. I need that guy to be happy , he's too sweet!
  11. BettaPonic

    BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I would recommend live plants too. They can improve water quality. For filter sponge filters work great.
  12. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    Sure I can get them:D
  13. Piggy50

    Piggy50 New Member Member

    He might even be sick. His tail is dropping and somtimes that's a sigh of sickness. But it could just be boredom or unhappiness. He's probably cold too.
  14. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    He isn't sick but yea he's unhappy for which I did this post. What are the signs of a happy betta?
  15. Piggy50

    Piggy50 New Member Member

    They swim around and are active. My aquarium has a mirror on one side so when ever mine goes over there he flares up his fine and then will eventually swim away. The tail won't drop like it is now. There color will be brighter and they will even look heathier and be heathier.
  16. jl_1005

    jl_1005 Valued Member Member

    When I first got my first betta, I didn't have a proper heater. My betta sat at the bottom all the time and didn't eat either.

    Now I have a heater, temperature is consistent at 78-80, fish is very happy and active.

    Without filter you can manage for some time by frequent daily water changes. But without heater your betta is constantly stressed
  17. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    Ordered a heater of 100 watts. I hope it arrives soon, but i have some danios and mollies too, are they ok with that temparature as my betta needs?
  18. bopsalot

    bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    The betta will be less stressed in a heated, filtered 2.5 gallon bowl for sure. Maybe a small sponge filter?

    That heater might be a little strong for a 2.5 gallon bowl. Hopefully it will still work without cooking him. Be careful. A 25 watt heater would be safer.

    Keep the other tank cooler, the zebra danios and mollies like it around low to mid 70s.

    The mollies (and danios) would be better off in a larger tank, like 30 gallons, but that might not be an option for you.

    That fish salesman really took advantage of you. Don't trust them anymore.

    Welcome to fishlore! We all make mistakes in the beginning.
  19. OP

    Rana Valued Member Member

    I wanted to say one thing, i live in India , around Kolkata which is a hot place . Temperatures rise a lot during summer . Will a heater still be necessary? I already have order tho. But I fear if the temperature will rise more than it needs. It's 86° F today and it's cloudy . Days gets a lot hot in sunlight. So advice please
  20. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    You will want to get a heater with a built in thermometer. You set the temp and the heater will turn on and off as needed. All of my heaters do this, because where I am I get huge temp fluctuation from day to day.