Sad Betta Fish?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by throwthesand, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. throwthesandValued MemberMember

    Hi, I'm new here :)
    I'm worried about my betta. His name is Blueberry and he is young.
    I used to have two African Dwarf Frogs until one jumped out and we never found him again :(
    Anyways, ever since this happened (A couple days ago) Blueberry has been very lethargic. He and the Frog were kind of friends, if that's possible. Blueberry liked to look for him and follow him to the surface when he went up for air. Ever since he died, Blueberry just lays around the bottom or top corner and doesn't move.
    I have an automatic heater that keeps the temp. around 74 degrees F, and he has never done this before.
    He is also recovering from fin rot, but that happened a week ago and he's normally fine.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, do you have a test kit to measure water parameters ammonia/nitrites/nitrates/ph? If so, could you post what your water parameters are? I am not saying that it is not possible that your betta is sad about your frog's demise, but I am wondering whether it is not more likely that water quality issues are responsible both for the frog jumping out and the betta not being well. PS: Welcome to fishlore! And sorry to hear that you are having so many troubles. Best wishes!
  3. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to FishLore! :;toast

    I second Joanna's comments. Sometimes fish jump out because they don't like the water, which would also be contributing to Blueberry's lethargy. Additionally, bettas like warmer water - 78-82. If you could get an adjustable heater he would appreciate it.

    What size tank is he in?

    I see from your profile that you do not know about the nitrogen cycle. I urge you to click on the underlined text in my previous sentence and read up on it. It will help you understand why Blueberry is feeling poorly if it turns out the water parameters are subpar.
  4. throwthesandValued MemberMember

    Thanks... I made the water a little bit warmer and Blueberry seems to be doing better and hanging out with the remaining frog, Jerry. I'm going today to get a test kit because I don't have one yet. Thank you for your help!
  5. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    just make sure its a liquid test kit, the test strips are not to be trusted and dont come with ammonia test anyways.

    how often are you doing water changes? if your tank isnt cycled and sense you dont know about cycling i have to assume its not. your water prob has deadly ammonia and or nitrite. i would recommend you do daily water changes of 50% until you get that test kit and know for sure the water is ok. i also recommend prime for your water conditioner it does every thing you would want in one bottle including detoxifying ammonia.

    iv found most of those pre set heaters are junk. i use aqueon pro heaters and love them. bettas become more active in warmer water, i keep my bettas in 80f.

    hope this helps, let us know how your water test come back.

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