Sabae Anemone: Not doing too well ...Advice needed

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by mangups, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. mangupsValued MemberMember

    I added my 3rd inverterate - a Sabae Anemone - less than 10 days back (see post :

    it seemed to be doing fine.. however for the last 4~5days it would close up /open up/ and detach itself from any substrate and float around with the water flow.

    I guess it was trying to adapt. I checked Nirate levels just before putting it in it was ~ 10 ppm (always around that - cannot get it better).

    Today around 6~7 hrs back it found a spot and opened up and the clowns were back up nuddging it etc.

    However, later in the evening it is now all shrived up and now has some green stuff near it foot. I checked water paramters and it had nirtates as 80 ppm( not sure how it happened).see
    I immediately did a 25% water change - and added 1 ml of Seachem prime .. (I use prime on every 2nd water change - only for amount of water I change)
    Readings are now:

    Ammona: : 0ppm
    No3: 0ppm
    No3: 40 ppm.
    PH : 8.4
    Alkalinity: 180
    I will do another water change - get it down to 10 ...

    Others: Tank: 20 Gal Long, 40 LBS live rock, Aquafuge Hangon back Refigum (has sand and nothing else), Runing - Aquarclear 30 filter (activated cardbon, sponge, bio-modules), Hydor Nano Slim skimmer, 2 powerheads (600 Gph & 1200 Gph)on a Hydor smart wave controller, Ocean sun (Zoo Med Ocean Sun T5HO 100000K) light on a Aqueon Fluorescent Strip.
    Water use for Change is ot RO/RI but from tap after filtered through a PUR tap filter..

    Please advice.. I am not sure it it is dead or if it can recover.

    The other 2 atlantic condylitic Anemones are doing fine... (see picture)- other stock is are fine. (wrasse is hiding under the sand somehwere- it does every evening)


    Stock: 2 clarki clowns, 1 Yellow tail Damsel, 1 royal Gamma, I Yellow Wrasse, 2 trubo snails, 1 emerald crab.

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  2. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Ooooh, sorry to see that happen.

    IMO - that anemone is dead/dieing. Especially given your nitrates sky-rocketed. How much did the skimmer pull, was it really dark and extremely putrid smelling?

    You need to be very careful getting it out of the tank. Dead anemones basically disintegrate when touched. You may need a turkey baster to suck it out, rather than trying to pick it up.

    Keep up the water changes to get the nitrates back down. Do you know what your phosphate levels are?
  3. mangupsValued MemberMember

    @Rynar ... don't have a kit for phosphates... so don't know.

    well i guess I lost it... what surprises me that the Atlantic's are doing fine. I had the same issue with my of my Atlantic Condy's (

    Will watch for a couple of hrs. Do another water change in 4 hrs (2nd water change in 12 hrs) .. if no improvements then i guess have to let it go.. just want to give it some fighting chance...

    The Skimmer pulled regular amount.. did smell a bit...looked the same as always ...
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  4. steve_58Valued MemberMember

    In my oppinon and from experience i'd get rid of the carbon,sponge and bio media in that filter. Those are good places for nitrates to build.just use the filter for ciculation or you could put a bit of small live rock in it inplace of sponge ,carbon and bio media.i have an 8 gallon bio-cube running a couple years now and have not ran filter,carbon and took out bio-balls and just filled bio chamber with small pieces of live rock. It has done very well that way.also if theres to much movement and current maybe the sebae can't find a comfortable dont hurt to hand feed them once every so often.
    Also have u checked the salinity and ph?

    Oh and watch the condy's. most get pretty big and they will eat fish if it gets a hold of one when its hungry. I had a condy eat a diamond goby. The goby was around 3 inches long and the annemone sure seemed to small to eat it but i caught him with just the fishes tail sticking out of its center and could actually see the rest of the body inside the annemone and it was to late to save it.
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  5. mangupsValued MemberMember

    @Steve-58 .. salinity is 33 or specific gravity is 1.023~1.024.
    PH : 8.4

    I lost a firefish and a dotty back a month back in a week's time.. 1 day it was there and 1 day 1 vanished and a weeks later another one..

    No dead fish - 1 searched everywhere - no remians either.. I do suspect the Condy..:(
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  6. steve_58Valued MemberMember

    Haha,i bet condy had meal. I always keep my salinty at 1.025-1.026. My ph stays 8.4-8.5

    I'm not sure how well the Pur filter is at removing chorine and such.Maybe someone who has experience with them will chime in. Is it possible the sebae came in contact with a condy and got stung pretty badly?
  7. mangupsValued MemberMember

    I took a chance and touched it .. it does appear slimy, maybe little sticky and hard ...(held it for as little time as possible) - see picture

    I have it now moved it to the Hangon back 1.5 GAL refigum right under the small pump water flow..- so I can if possible nurse it there.. ( refigum has sand and nothing else) i.e. not being used as a refigum.

    This is the amount of waterflow the Sabae is getting now...

    doing another water change 25%...let see it morning if any improvements...

    Weird ....the atlantic are all open in full glory and the lights have out for 2 + hrs now....
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  8. mangupsValued MemberMember

    PUR filters are supposed to be good...never had problem with it -- have use the same for 8 months now... never lost a stock for water quality so far.. it the Sabae - it will be the first....

    And Yes, the Sabea came in contact with the Atlantic couple of time in the last few days...I guess the the chemical warfare is killing it with the water quality and it being new to the tank...
  9. MalcolmValued MemberMember

    Hi there

    Just out of interest, how long has the tank been running and what lighting do you have over it?
  10. mangupsValued MemberMember

    Thanks is 10 months old and lighting: Ocean sun (Zoo Med Ocean Sun T5HO 100000K) light on a Aqueon Fluorescent Strip.

    Anyways, it got worse thet night and the green stuff started becoming loose from the anemone - so i took it out ..
    No Sabae Anenome now :(

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