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Hello, new to the forum and seeking some advice. I currently have a 6’ 125 gal tank, up and running for about 2 months now. I have been stocking gradually, and currently have:

1- Rio Curare Red Tiger Severum
1- Rotkeil Red Shoulder Severum
3- Blue Acara
2- Bolivian Ram
1- Gold Nugget Pleco
1- Orange Seam Pleco
6- Red & Blue Colombian Tetras
6- Giant Danios (soon to be re-homed to keep with the South American theme)

Near future (?): 6 Brochis splendens

All fish are 3” and under currently; my question is: Can/should I add another sev to this setup? Would love a gold/red spotted sev in there. Alternatively,
I would really love some geophagus sveni; what is the minimum group size they should be kept in, and which of these existing fish would work with them? Thanks!
PS running an FX6 with spray bar, Marineland 1200 powerhead

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