SA/CA Cichlid compatibility w/ community fish 180 Gallon Tank

  1. NTICH Initiate Member

    Anyone want to chime in on what fish I should absolutely not bring into my new 180 gallon from my original 55 gallon tank. Thanks for your input in advance.

    55 Gallon Corner All Glass Aquarium
    2 Silver Dollars
    2 Bloody Parrots
    1 Dwarf Gourami’s
    2 Columbian Tetra’s
    2 Cory’s
    1 Black Ghost Knife
    1 Bala Shark
    1 Bristle nose Pleco
    PH 8.0 / Ammonia 0.0 / Nitrite 0.0 / Nitrate 35ppm

    Upgrade Community Tank:
    180 Gallon All Glass Aquarium
    12 Convicts
    2 Green Terror’s
    2 Jack Dempsey’s
    2 Blue Acara’s
    60% Driftwood
    25% Holy Rock
    5% Rock i.e slate, assorted flat rock
    10% Artificial Plants
    6ft of Air stone’s on Back Wall (except for water intake)
    Special Blend Cycle Booster.
    FX5 Canister
    Top Level = Bio Filter (Black)
    Mid Level = Mechanical Filter (Blue) w/ Seachem Matrix
    Bottom Level = Mechanical Filter (White) w/ Seachem Purigen Bag and Seachem Matrix Carbon Bag
    PH 8.2 / Ammonia 0.0 / Nitrite 0.0 / Nitrate 0.0 (Day 11)
  2. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Your 55 gallon has an awfully high pH. Do not put the dwarf gourami, cory's or tetras.
  3. TJBender Well Known Member Member

    I disagree. My pH is 8.0-ish, and I have successfully kept DGs, multiple species of cory, and multiple species of tetra. Keep in mind that your LFS/pet store probably has the same water you do, and ask about their pH when you arrive. If it's off by more than 0.4, you'll want to invest in a QT (doesn't have to be big) and ask them for a lot of water to fill it with, then gradually introduce more of your own tank water over a period of days as opposed to a couple hours.
  4. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    DGs prefer more neutral or acid water, though.
  5. TJBender Well Known Member Member

    Wild-caught DGs or low-generation breeders, perhaps, but it's my belief that Segrest and the other mass farm distributors have bred fish to the point where they can tolerate just about any pH. Intentional? Maybe, maybe not, but pet store fish these days can stand up to a range of pH that their wild-caught cousins would struggle in.
  6. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Unlike fancy goldfish. But, I suppose this is true.
  7. cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    i wouldn't take the 2 cory. The jacks may attempt to eat them . They would get stuck and you would lose both fish
  8. NTICH Initiate Member

    Thanks for all the replies, I spoke w/ a LFS owner last night and he told me the same, here in Michigan he's breeding Angels and Discus's in a very high PH successfully so I will stop worring about the PH. He also mentioned that the ghostknife has a 50/50 chance and that I should get rid of the convicts before they breed so they don't take over my new tank. I can put the corys,tetras, and ghouramis in my 20 gallon which just has a few guppies, 1 Tiger Barb and an African Clawed frog. Any comments on that compatibility with the Frog being Primary? He's approx. 2 inches. Thanks
  9. NTICH Initiate Member

    Disregard my last question. I have now read up on ACF's in the other amphibious forum. Thanks
  10. TJBender Well Known Member Member

    Discus are one species of fish where I would worry about pH. They are extremely sensitive and extremely expensive, and many LFSs have a no-return policy on them if something happens. Most fish, I believe, are fairly adaptable, but certain ones like discus and chocolate gouramis (among others) are just too sensitive to water quality to gamble with.