S.I.P. Tyler

A couple months ago, with the help of others, I was finally able to figure out why Tyler wasn't doing well. It turned out he most likely had a bacterial infection. I treated him for it and I thought he fully recovered. He became active and his fins were finally starting to heal.
Unfortunately, last month I started noticing he was becoming lethargic again and soon realized that the bacterial infection seemed to come back. I set up a quarantine tank and started treating him, but unfortunately he didn't make it this time. Tyler passed away Thursday night.
It sucks to look at his tank and realize he's not there anymore :(
I'm burying him later today in my pothos. I'm going to really miss him.

S.I.P. Tyler :(
November 10, 2019 - April 22, 2021


SIP Tyler, you kept him alive for as long as you could. I'm sorry for your loss.
SIP, wish you and your fish the best.

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