Rust On My Nice New Rocks

Discussion in 'Aquarium Aquascaping' started by BennyB, May 22, 2019.

  1. BennyB Valued Member Member

    Howdy! I got some pretty sweet specimens during my trip to GA last weekend and these bad boys have been soaking it up in a big tub.
    Check out my haul.

    At first to remove any organisms and to help reveal pieces that will rust I used a good bit of bleach. Since then I changed the water out twice and used no more bleach, and now they’re getting a nice sun bath to dry out for a few days.

    As I suspected, some of the pieces began to show rust and corrosion. My favorite piece, unfortunately, is among them.
    Looks like it’s got a bit of metal poking out right at the surface there. It doesn’t look too menacing, but I still wanted to hear some opinions. Think it’s safe? It’d be a shame if I had to toss my favorite one. I’ve heard of people leaving rusty nails in the tanks to help the live plants and having no issues with metal poisoning so I doubt this will be a huge issue.

    Another one of my favorite pieces, I believe, is covered in diatoms. Would y’all agree with that assessment? I really hope it’s not rust.

    Here are a few other rusty, crusty bits...

    As you can see there’s a bit of rust and corrosion on some of those. Think they’re safe still?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. BennyB Valued Member Member

    Just found something else that's a bit odd... In the second picture I posted you might notice a blackish grayish splotch just below the rust marks. It looks almost like a wet spot. Its actually sticky and smells kind of odd. This wasn't like this when I put it into the tub to soak in bleach, nor when it came out after soaking in clean water. Its almost as if something was spilled on it, or something came out of it. Could the bleach have reacted with something inside the rock to make a gooey residue? Is it safe to use still? Has anybody had any experience with this?
  3. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    Nice collection! sorry i can't be much help. But could you break off the "rusty" looking sections and re-soak them to see if anything else appears? Did you try the vinagar test to see if any of them foam up or bubble when its poured on them?
  4. BennyB Valued Member Member

    Thanks for responding all the same! Appreciate it. I actually did think to try that just a few minutes ago. I chipped the rusted part right off of my favorite rock and it looked nice and clean under there. That's when I discovered the sticky stuff. I did try the acid test and they all passed. These are mostly solid granite, quartz, mica and pegmatite, its all quite stable.