Rust-Oleum Spray Paint for Back of Tank - safe to use?


Would it be safe to use Rust-Oleum to spray paint the back of my new 75 gallon aquarium? I want a black background and I just got black rust-oleum spray paint for a cabinet but I was thinking would it work with the back on an aquarium? Would it be fish safe and would it even bond? Thanks!


Since it is going to be on the outside of the tank it shouldn't matter if it is fish safe. Be sure the tank is covered so no over spray gets inside the tank. As to whether or not it will stick to glass I have to think it will as long as the glass is clean when you spray it on.


I just now....painted my 5g with black acrylic paint. We will see how that goes with the water and all. At least you can touch it up if it gets scraped.

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