"runt" Female Guppy

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Marsbar, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. MarsbarNew MemberMember

    Hi there, I have a question please. My guppy gave birth to 2 male guppies and then a day or two later to another fry which was minute. I'm sure she is female but doesn't have the normal markings. Out of the 3 fry two have a spinal deformity ( female and 1 male). The one male is perfect.

    The males have been chasing the female and at times she looks pregnant from the front but side on not so much. They are all approx. 6-7 months old

    I'm worried that because of her size she will have trouble giving birth so would appreciate some answers.

    I have attached some photo's which are not very clear but after kneeling for an hour and Many photo's later these were the best.

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  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    You'd be surprised how tiny females can be and still give birth. I'd be more concerned about keeping the males and females separate to prevent more deformed fry.
  3. MarsbarNew MemberMember

    I've just bought a breeder net with subdivisions but area for 1 guppy quite small and I have no 2nd tank, any suggestion? P.S.I think she's already pregnant, looks swollen/boxy from front
  4. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    Well thata not too surprising, her being pregnant already. How large is the tank? Any way you can get a tank divider and separate them that way?

    If it were me and my fry I’d likely of fed the deformed fish to one of my other fish. It’s not good to breed/raise deformed fish, I’m sure the fish will end up suffering one way or another as they grow up. Most breeders will “cull” fry that are not up to par with their standards to keep the line of a species or specific color form pure. That being said, it happens from time to time in the home aquarium. Yours is likely due to inbreeding, as many guppies are. I had a similar problem with African cichlids where their tail fin was bent over. The few fry that were produced were fed to my adult fish and the female producing them was taken out of the breeding project.
  5. MarsbarNew MemberMember

    Hi Demeter, I have a 50L tank & have just bought a fish breeding unit (small size, with dividers, that sticks to side of tank) I only have 3 guppies at the moment from the original pair bought from pet shop.. I would hate to "flush" the deformed male and then the female after she gives birth.... it's too late to separate them now anyway as am sure she is pregnant. I'm not a breeder anymore (was for years in South Africa) but find it an expensive hobby over here.

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