Running a sponge filter at night


I run my CO2 during the day and an air stone at night in my planted 55 gallon. I have a sponge filter that I'm not using. I was thinking about changing out the stone and just replacing it with my sponge filter. However, I've been reading about some possible issues with only running a sponge filter part of the time. Some people mention that having no flow during the day could result in the bacteria dying and causing some issues. Do you think there's anything to this? I likely don't need too much more filtration, but every bit can help, and I don't mind having some more surface for shrimp and fish to feed off.
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The bacteria won't die off overnight but whatever is sucked in at night will be released and might float back out during the day. If your running pressurized co2 it shouldn't take much more to counteract what co2 is lost by running the filter 24/7.

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