Rummy noses hiding

I put 10 rummy noses in my 55 gallon tank, after the first few days they really started showing themselfs a lot, they were bright red and doing great.

Now they are still bright red, eating well, but I hardly ever get to see them. They are only with 3 kuhlI loaches.. there are a lot of fake plants and hiding spots so I look over and it looks like an empty tank. Sometimes if we are out in the same room and pretty far away I see them swimming around, but if I move or get close at all they are gone.

Is this normal? Or are they just freaked of me? They started out so awesome and interesting to watch!

Ammonia - 0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - 10

Empty tank? No. lol
Good afternoon and Welcome to Fish Lore!

My best suggestion is to let the fish have more time to adapt to their new environment. Some fish take a little more time doing so than others.

Keep us posted and I hope you enjoy the site!

I agree with Ken. My black neon tetras are just now coming out of hiding and acting normal and it's been about a week and a half.
Like the others users have said, time might be the answer. My Rummynoses took a few days to become the most active fish in my tank!

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