Rummy Nosed Tetra

I have been putting up lots of threads about fish lately, and getting great responses. But I would still like to post another one! I have a 30 gallon tank, with 6 zebra danios, 1 mystery snail, and 1 weather loach. I want to get 6 Rummy-Nosed-Tetras for my tank. What do I need to know about Rummy Nosed Tetras?
here are some good links as I have never kept them yet.....

Rummy Nose Tetra
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ryanr said:
And another profile, this one here at Fishlore

Many common species have a profile here at Fishlore, you can find them at:

Please note, as this thread is not about Equipment, I have moved it to the Freshwater Fish forums.
Thanks ryan, I did not mean to post this in the Equipment area! I looked for Rummys on fishlore, but I still wanted more information, so I started a thread.
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