Rummy Nose Tetras Noses Aren't Red

Discussion in 'Rummy Nose Tetra' started by Initiate, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Initiate

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    Hi all,
    Just picked up some rummy (7) and they're in qt had them for a few hours. But their noses aren't coloured up. This are swimming around all happy. Do I need to up my temp? It is at 27C or are they still stressed from the move?

  2. appcontrol

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    They are stressed, leave them in dark few hours.
    Second when you turn on or off light some fishes know to color down let's say.
  3. bitseriously

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    I've seen on the web that rummies colour up or down in response to stress more than most/other fish. Well, also in response to daytime/night time, but we're talking about no colour during the day here, right?
    I have them in my community and that's certainly been my experience. In my case, new additions can take literally months to get really good colour (ie 3-4 weeks of minimal colour while in quarantine, then another 2-4 weeks before good colour in main tank), even though their behaviour seems normal. It think it's a great lesson to the effect that even though things look normal to us, they might not be for our fish.
  4. appcontrol

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    As i understand they are in tank only for few hours so i think it's normal. Usually i put my new fishes to tank around 8pm when my lights go off and then i leave them like that. In morning they all look good my first rasboras where colorless when i introduced them after night they were all good.
  5. DoubleDutch

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    Think it is up to stress indeed BUT there are three types of rummynoses. One more red then others